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    1 Current – status involves his desires and dreams, their skills or capabilities, its intention or their desire to use a determined space of his time at work to achieve that intends to move towards a particular goal or purpose. Dr. Neal Barnard brings even more insight to the discussion. 2 Result or goal – the place where you want to reach, the results that you want to achieve, the end of the steps that you have set in your action plan to then plan another top echelon more away than your first plan. Once you determine where is and where it wants to be or become, take your computer, word processor and write as it began, for example:-create a web page-a / doing it manually, acquire one built by a professional or use a free, you will find many online that you can use. b / use blogs as a web page. -Once you have your site, already has its base of operations so to speak in a way, now has to begin to expose it to the world, make him known on the web so that boaters, users or interested in their niche know you them can guide or help in any way.

    -Start to generate traffic to your site from any of the thousands of forms that they exist, do it by hand, step by step, that will help you to that it is not lost in the process. -Set relationship with your audience, use as Twiteer or Facebook social media, create blobs that can express themselves and listen to people who are interested in what you do, use your opinions to make changes in their strategies and improve. Remember, this is a simple example of what constitutes art, plan, make strategies to achieve certain results, once you set the steps to follow place it facing you, observe and follow to the letter what schedule, if possible print it and have it against your view always, so that when you sit at your computer already have programmed you have to do in that session. This is a broad topic, and like you I said at the beginning varies and depends on each particular situation, for my part I just offer my opinion about the importance of making action plans to advance in our endeavors, grow and improve every day. On my website you can find information on this topic and you can even download information about motivation and productivity in free of charge, simply follow this link original author and source of the article

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