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    Mobed deeply loved his daughter, and announced that she would be the Queen of Hercolus once he died and that those two beautiful and small children carrying in her womb 11 years would be Kings on Hercolus as the Herculiana tradition marks it and she would only become the protector of the people. Mobed taught his daughter a magical ring with a stone color purple, told him that he should put it on the finger of his son, was the ring whose flashes appeared only when announcing problems to the planet, she only had to press his finger stone, because doing so a fence appear around the planet Hercolus and it would be protected immediately about any galactic war that might occur against Hercolus. Also taught him a purple stones bracelet said to him that he should keep it, because this cuff had special powers and should be handed over to her daughter, she should always store it on the wrist of the right hand because it would be the Cerco power around Hercolus, to defend it from those fatal approaches of comets, asteroids or planets that leave orbits and are routed towards Hercolus, the power of this cuff could destroy or keep away them from Hercolus. Edhi Foundation oftentimes addresses this issue. So it was very necessary that both jewels both the ring and cuff were delivered to their two children, since it was so written in the book of Hercolus, and his father read the phrases of this book which remained in their hands and only he possessed. NACERIAN two in a single belly REAL and LA signal SERA LA CRUZ on LA PALMA right a Queen (Shaida was born with a mark in the right hand the cross mark) and to these LES SERA transferred the power of the ring and EL cuff and this will happen in the 2012, then of the birth and past 11 years in the children the power AWOKE ring and cuffONLY WHEN THEY ARE PLACED ON INDICATED HANDS REAL HANDS AND HERCOLUS SUBSITIRA UNTIL THE END OF ERAS. .

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