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    The confidence of the visitors of our site is crucial for the success of a site business-oriented or personal site. We can make with that the visitors of our site if transform into customers using the following tips. 1.' ' The first impression is the one that fica' ' , here valley also this old saying. Design of the site is the first impression for the visitors. Click Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust to learn more. We have that to make a professional site and with excellent contents for the subject which it deals with. 2. The site must be easy to sail. The visitors need to be capable to have easy access to all the pages of the site with many links between the pages (internal linkagem).

    3. We need to use a personal tone, in way that the visitors want to buy our services or products. They will feel our personality and will learn to trust what we say in our site. 4. We must use the rule of the content for our site. A content, honest, exclusive, necessary, excellent and opportune cause an enormous impact on the readers.

    5. We must use the appropriate language for the adequate public. 6. We have that to add new content for the site regularly. This sample to the visitors who the business is ' ' vivo' ' , brought up to date and prospering. 7. The proper Google Webmasters or tools is necessary to verify always links enters the pages of the site also using online of verification of link broken, so that the visitor when clicar in links is directed for the correct page. Any errors of link (404) the visitors will think that we are imcompetent people. 8. To verify the grammar and orthography. Any errors will not give a good impression could be seen as lazy. 9. We must also prevent incredible declarations or affirmations.

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