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    Later, the prevalence reached 12.7/10,000 in the studies carried through up to 2001, being that the indices most current suggest 10 stop 10,000 individuals with classic autismo and about 30 the 60 for 10.000 for the autista specter (WILLIAMS; BRAYNE; HIGGINS, 2006). 2.4 – Clinical picture For Almeida (1996, p.255), characterizes for abnormal development of the sociability and communication and for sufficiently restricted repertoire of activities and interests. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The symptoms vary in function of the age and level of development of the individuals. For Pliszka (2004, p.188) they lose the capacity to become related; the language stops of if developing or having a communicative function; the child can say things meaningless repetidamente or echo what the others say; the ocular contact is wronged; bizarros or obsessive behaviors appear; it collects objects without meaning or to engage itself repetitively in definitive action. 2.5? I diagnosis Marot In agreement (2004) does not have laboratoriais tests or of image that can diagnosis the autismo. Thus the diagnosis must clinically made, for the interview and description of the patient, being differentiated of the deafness, neurological problems and retardation mental.

    A done time the diagnosis the child must be directed for a professional specialized in autismo, this will be puted in charge to confirm or to deny the diagnosis. According to Almeida (1996, p.256) the distinguishing diagnosis is basic with other riots of the development, syndrome of Retti, auditory riots and of say and serious mental retardation. 2.6? Treatment By means of Almeida (1996, p.256) until the moment did not reach the cure of the autismo. Therefore, the treatment must have for objective to take care of to the necessities of the child and the family, helping them to reach it independence in the activities of the daily life, and to acquire basic capacities, to stimulate the process of the language, sociability and escolaridade, being looked for to reach compatible levels of development with the age.

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