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    Forget about the money, forget about the benefits, forget about the beliefs, only you focus on one of the greatest pleasures that human beings can receive, which is the giving. They say that most successful leaders, they are those who contributed most in a specific area. Perhaps they found the maximum pleasure that there are in the dar. If your focus is to become the largest contributor then you are in the path of the triumphs. VISIBILITY 6-position: Although establish your own brand custom today have much more to do than just caring for the image, not should therefore neglect fine details.

    We should not only take into account the continuity of a particular style to reinforce and establish some identity through aesthetics and image, but we should also support us in our confidences in order to find a legitimate position that will allow us to consolidate even more our strong personal brand. And for this I have a single belief being oneself. 7-Communication: I heard once that communication is the real developed talent of great leaders, and not I can’t agree more with this agreement. To mark with authority your own personal Brand will have to effectively invest your time in learning how to communicate and to convey your message with clarity. I really believe that we should express ourselves in the way us you feel most comfortable, provided we have communities that we interpreted correctly. Remember that while you have a great message to communicate, you’ll have an audience willing to listen to you. CONNECTION 8-promotion: If you already know what you have to offer, and these polishing all elements required in the formation of this pyramid, then we must learn tactics and strategies appropriate for an effective promotion.

    It is time to find and conquer our niche, as you know, on the internet there are hundreds of communities interacting and engaging with interests in common. Your job is to find those networks that are interested and in need of what you have to offer. Expon you in those places and offers your authenticity and contribution. Where? Social media FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, forums, articles, ETC, there are thousands of social media to promote the expert you and mark your identity. 9-Marketing: we are nothing without a true marketing planning. There is much to investigate on this plane, but I will summarize it by listing a basic Marketing Kit – Tu-nombre.com-Tu-Sito-Web.com – presentation files (portfolio) – personal cards – 1800-000-0000-Tu-Fashaa-punk(l) – 10-environment congruence Marketing Plan: the brand environment is everything around your person and difference as identity. Your work space, your home, your activities, your partners, your audience, your students, your customers, your passions, your mission, your interest, your style, your presence, your language, your perception and perception of others towards you. The best way to establish your personal brand through your environment is merely accentuating what you like, attracting your equals, holding your belief, developing your passions and expressing you from authenticity. Authenticity is one of the most powerful tools to conquer the unconquerable. But being authentic does not mean being careless, if you’re really ready to conquer niches, attract communities and build the strongest social networks by checking your identity across the Web, then IMPECCABILITY is the answer. Created from passion, to ensure quality of your brand. Express yourself with authenticity to attract your equals. It is absolutely impeccable to create a mighty Empire as well.

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