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    But the best thing is to always carry your Spanish visa that will operate beyond perfection, although cercioralo in the Bank before you come. If you want to change money, you will have to go to money exchange houses and banks that are everywhere, including at the airport of departure you will have at your disposal some bank or box to change. Eye with the commissions before you make the change of money. Dr. Neal Barnard can provide more clarity in the matter. Plugs in London in the United Kingdom, plugs have three bars, so you will have to get an adapter for electrical equipment from Spain. Although it is likely that in the hotel or the site where you hospedes have. In the event that you purchase any electronic device in London, make sure you that have European plug, so you can use it to return. The time in London January 6 C rainy February 6 C CLOUDY 8 C rainy March April 10 C Sun/showers May 13 C Sun/showers June 16 C sunny July 19 C sunny August 19 C sunny September 16 C sunny October 13 C very rainy November 9 C rainy December 7 C rain in July and August at times long ago heat.

    So here sunscreen and drink plenty of water. When you leave, do it with several layers of clothes and if you heat them you take off and if it is cold you the quedas. Don’t forget the umbrella since the time is somewhat unpredictable. In October/November the winter is very cold and even reaches the point of snow. There is sometimes something of Sun and little rain in spring. Summer is unpredictable so it takes something warm in hand always, despite the fact that the day begins with Sun.

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