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    First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. III: 16 and 17. ONE DOOR OPENED IN the SKY GOD goes opening to the few for the inhabited worlds the doors of the sky so that the Material Beings and Spirituals can transpose the porch of its Universal Wisdom: Art, Sport, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Economy, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science. The Divine Technology unseals for the Man diverse vestibules. After this I looked at, and here it is not only a door opened in the sky, as well as the first voice that heard, as of trumpet to speech with me, saying: He goes up for here, and I will show to you what he must happen after these things. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. IV: 1. ‘ ‘ The logical thought can take you of a B, but it takes you to the imagination to any part of the Universo’ ‘.

    Albert Einstein? German physicist Nobody can use to the default the divine wealth, because GOD will even ask for accounts of a ceitil. In I say you to truth that you will not leave from there, while not to pay the last cent. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. V: 26. HUMAN BODY Will be that the Human being even so does not perceive that created it to GOD with one sophisticated Technology, much, the elements has had beginning in the dust? It imagines the other Beings more evolved? How beauty that must be! In the sweat of the face you will eat your bread, until you become land, therefore of it you were formed; because you are dust and the dust you will become. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. III: 19.

    The KINGDOMS OF the Mineral, Vegetal, Animal LAND, Hominal and its intermediate. It doubts that it was of the dust? You only prefer yourself to hide the head in the land as the ostrich. GOD GENERATES DIVERSE EFFECT does not put the effect biggest that the CAUSE, therefore is not. The Human being created by GOD has: Vocal brain, heart, ropes, eyes, ears, veins, arteries, nerves, bones, nose, stomach, legs, arms. It thinks now about the All Universal one. It will be that the Beings are equal to the human beings? Clearly that not! Who inhabits in diverse suns, the galaxies, the stars, raised Dwellings more can not have the form human being. You would support to live in a sun? The MAN LEADS the MACHINE does not place a machine above of the Man. He does not have necessity, therefore he has work diversified for the two. If he cannot invert the things. The computer thinks? It also speaks? But it does not have Perpetual Spirit. It is but a used instrument for the man. ‘ ‘ To see very discerning harms feeling too much. the Greeks saw very discerning, therefore little they felt. From there its perfect execution of the workmanship of arte’ ‘.

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