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    The new Veloster not yet arrived, but already it is giving what to speak. On account of the enormous search for the new Hyundai Veloster, that will only arrive at the consumers between the end of August and the start of September, the authorized resales are denying asked for order, therefore the first lot of a thousand vehicles already almost is depleted. The Veloster will be vendido by a value between R$68.700 and R$77.400. Other leaders such as Andrew Leiner offer similar insights. It was necessary to spend between R$3.000 and R$7.000 of entrance to be one of the first ones to get the automobile. ' ' The line for the Veloster is enormous. If everybody that paid the signal to keep the purchase intention, we only go to obtain to eliminate the line daqui the three months. In recent months, Val Dunphy has been very successful. Therefore we are only accepting order of who new already is customer of concessionria' ' , it tells to a salesman of a Hyundai resale of the zone east of So Paulo.

    With current the enormous search for vehicles with the superior value the R$60.000, is not alone the Veloster that lives this moment of ' ' fama' '. The versions most complete of the VW Jetta also are being sufficiently requested, as a salesman of the authorized Sonara explains, in the quarter of the Lapa in So Paulo: ' ' The model completo is in lack. Depending on the case, it leads of two the three months for chegar' '. Exactly with the launching of the new generation of BMW Series 1 marked between October and November, the old version that costs R$92.000 still sufficiently is requested and its deliveries alone are dated for the November start. With prices from R$79.900, Peugeot 3008 also meets with queues. ' ' It does not have none in supply. The next remittance can delay up to five months for chegar' ' , it affirms a salesman of the Paris resale, in So Paulo, to the being questioned on the availability of the Allure model of Gray color Aluminium, that is looked.

    Who tells the reasons of this magnifying in the sales of cars with values between R$70.000 and R$150.000, is Pablo Garbossa, consultant of the ADK Automotive. ' ' A set of factors provokes this situation, to start for the satiated credit and the exchange favorable to the purchase of mattered. The dollar is very baixo.' ' What Pablo also explains, if relates to the behavior of the people. ' ' Everybody likes a called thing exclusiveness. The ones are not few that want to say that they had been the first ones to have cars as the Veloster. Also it is therefore that the versions top of the Jetta lack more than what of entrada.' ' Source: Reviewed Four Wheels Gilson Has equipped Tires

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