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    Thales: "Water is the element and principle of things" The state of parched trees in home gardens of the municipalities in central and north of La Guajira is a good indicator of what is happening not only in the region but the world we live in a time of drought that reached worrisome levels and whose effects can be terrible if nothing is done to tempo necessary measures to protect water sources and to convince society and businesses to the idea of use rational and efficient most valuable natural resource available to mankind. The statistics related to water supplies in good condition for human consumption, conservation of sources and the number of people suffering for lack of a vital element must turn and alarms from governments, foundations, agencies for environmental protection and in general anyone who wants to work for a world where they can live without anxiety or distress the younger generation, namely our children and our children's children. Access to water has been gradually becoming a privilege of which are excluded from ever larger groups of populations mundial.Algunos studies by the United Nations Organization show that about one thousand one hundred million people worldwide are deprived the possibility of having water at your fingertips and your needs. In percentage terms we are talking about more than 15% of tenants Todalen of marginal land use one of the most important providers of life and wellbeing. But the issue is much more complex and disturbing as the reports indicate that more than 2,400 million people without access to basic sanitation services, which, of course, affects the quality of life for people in this situation and is a scenario for the spread of diseases whose effects are relentless especially among children. .

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