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    The Memory of Luiz of the Rock Rasp All time that we have the chance of involving in them in a work program or in an experience that will enrich our life, we start to organize our ideas and come back all our expectation toward the new enterprise that we are for initiating. It seems that all our energy and the Universe conspire our favor. Ideas and possibilities appear and appear many situations that finish for involving each time more our attitudes and our actions in the work. All are involved with our disposal and joy – our family and our friends are the first ones to notice our satisfaction. E, to the few we go transforming an initial enthusiasm into commitment. It is the moment where we more seriously disponibilizamos in them for the situation and we responsibly dedicate in them for it. I speak thus because I believe that it must be in this way that we exteriorizamos our taste and our responsibility when truily we are compromised to a cause, an action or a project.

    I see that my experience with the Doctrine of the Espiritos it comes being marked for situations take that me to believe that, also in this chance, I come more strengthening each time, for conscientious option, a commitment constructed for my availability and my devotion. It has about 10 years, when remembering the first contacts with the Esprita Group in which I am on and of the reasons that had taken me it – an extreme situation of pain, currently already surpassed, can without a doubt none establish for this time the landmark that would open my agreement and would definitavamente strengthen definitavamente my commitment with the esprita cause and the House in which (reverse speed) I found a way. In this time, I could start to enter in contact with the history of this House and its founders – self-sacrificing men and women who if had dedicated to a spectacular project of attention spiritual strong alicerado by the Love and the Charity ally to a significant filantrpico work come back toward the infancy, that according to orientation spiritual, the Workmanship would consist in the solid base of all.

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