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    It allows you to organize information, drained from various sources in a single encyclopedia article. A user who has read the article, the sum total picture of what is happening. Much more convenient to read information about the problem in the complex, than to collect it bit by bit from the newspapers, restoring the chronological order. Wikipedia is in step with the times. Naturally, the event causing great excitement, reflected in the Wikipedia. In August, for example, popular article about the Olympic Games in Beijing.

    During their conduct in this article was made about 200 edits per month page article has been viewed 150 thousand times. Wikipedia is certainly the most visible and popular, but not the only project of Wikimedia Foundation. There are several other equally interesting projects that illustrate the versatility of a good wiki-concept, which allows with equal success and to create a dictionary and an electronic library. Wiki, located at, will help to find a classic statement contemporary or any topic. Russian-speaking part Wikiquote is still small, but more interesting will be to participate in its filling. Wiki – a collection of quotes and catch phrase in all languages.

    Since its inception (21 September 2004) in Russian is available articles from 4430 citations. Wiktionary () – a free dictionary based on the wiki-concept. On the home page of the project it is advertised as’ sensible, grammatical, phraseological, etymological and multilingual dictionary, in the completion of each of which may be involved. ” Perhaps, this dictionary is not enough professional. The dictionary was opened on 1 May 2004, and now it contains 184 340 articles of the words derivational terms and phrases, more than 200 languages. Wikimedia Commons () – storage media files that can be used freely to create articles (such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other wiki-projects). Project Wikibooks () was created for the collective work of the educational literature. Of course, this resource will not replace the university library (for him to fully include the same warnings as to the Wikipedia), and to rely on him in the preparation of scientific papers, too, is not necessary, but nonetheless, find information on my hobby is quite possible. Anyone can supplement existing textbooks or start your own. In Russian is now available for 942 Articles with the texts. Wikisource () – a free library containing a variety of texts, from poetry to dictionaries. As Bce npoekty Wikimedia Foundation, Wiki is open to all comers, you can also replenish its collection. These may be previously published reference data, books, manuals, written by someone else (rather than by the visitors to the site) and represents a benefit. It is assumed that the posted texts will no longer be edited (except for corrections typos and design). The network has also projects Wikinews (), Wikiversity (), meta (), and Wikispecies () to find the right terms to use Wikipedia is no more difficult than the search service “Yandex” or. You should start your web browser, press F6 and type in the address bar, then press Enter and wait for the download site. In the search bar type the desired word, press the ‘Go’, and for all indexed articles click ‘Search’. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Opera, you can add to a list of basic Wikipedia search engines and search the information you need using the search string.

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    And a hat with wide brim can not even get comfortable in the seat. Have to sit on stand still, straighten your back on the ticker and do not move your head – so as not to catch anything fields shlyapy. trip is a continuous torture, and fatigue accumulates very quickly – it is impossible to relax, have only failed to move the seat as a restraint right there will carry a hat, and she, of course, will fall most unfortunate way, closing the review. But okay, leave aside the hat with a brim. Take a winter fur hat. Warmly, cozy, soft, comfortable, a review does not cover from head did not fall.

    All is well. Except for one thing – she closes her ears! Trifle? Driving a car is not carried out his ears, the traffic situation is estimated by eye, and closed at the sight ears are not affected – so? Nearly so. That way at 80 percent – so much information gets a driver with the help of sight. But the remaining 20% of the information – at the expense of hearing. Engine knock can not see, you need to hear exactly the same you can not see a signal from another car, the whistle of brake pads and so on. Man are his ears, and they need to use, especially in extreme situations. A driving – it's sheer desire to avoid the the most extreme situations, and experienced, skilled driver – someone who appreciates the road environment as the right way to foresee the actions of other road users to keep wide-open eyes and ears, and this allows him to bring the car from point A to point B without incident, moreover, it looks like a routine, quiet process.

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    On the market today, there are two kinds of sources of studio light – this pulse and constant light. Sources of constant light – is often powerful halogen lamps that are very hot and emit a large number of warm during use. They are used in photography are rare, more in the filming, but if your “weapons” without a camera “shoe” or sinhrokontakta, then the only way out of studio photography – it is constant light. To use a constant light you need to be heat-resistant soft box or umbrella. Yet another negative DC light – is the need to turn it off at least once per hour. Pulse flash lamps (one-piece) – is a light source, consisting of two lamps.

    The first – a pilot light, which helps the photographer to determine the presence of shadows, and manage its capacity is about 50-300 W. The second lamp – is itself pulse source, which illuminates the studio photography. Power of the tube is directly proportional to its price. Power pulsed studio flashes indicate in Joules (J), for example: 150 J, 300 J, 500 J, 1000 J. The name usually indicate maximum flash power, but it has a power control (smooth or step). When choosing a studio light an important point – sync pulse with the camera. Ie studio flash lamps and shutter camera must occur simultaneously.

    Svetosinhronizatsiyu sinhrokontakty can implement that will connect the camera and the flash sync cable, infrared sensor or a radio channel. Sync usually comes with a studio flash. Cable connects to the flash and the camera (or adapter). Others flash trigger from vpyshki already connected lamp. IR sihrokontakt attached to the “shoe” camera, and a special sensor detects outbreaks infrared radiation from the contact, which synchronizes the flash. In addition to these methods of synchronization using the same timing of pre-flash from the camera. Ie outbreak of camera “ignites” the other flash in the studio. Radiosinhronizatsiya – synchronization over the air. This is usually set the receiver and transmitter.

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    You have long dreamed of a spacious house with a huge portion and the fence, which would allow you to protect itself from the noise of the outside world. You spent alo forces to carry out this dream and now, finally, may well rest in its cozy house, or walk on his own yard. But something was missing. On the site there is no recreational facilities, such as arbors, where you can sit with friends, well, or just relax alone. In this article we will learn how their own hands to build this missing ingredient to your idyll. Pavilions were built in ancient times for completely different purposes.

    Small tents were used in Eastern markets, as modern stalls. The Romans built these facilities for recreation and celebration. In Egypt, the gazebo is often replaced by the house servants. Today function arbors has not changed, but the most common use of this miracle of uncomplicated architecture – is the creation of comfort for their own recreation. What is a pergola? This is a small private facility, or semi-open type. Outdoor gazebo is a light design without walls. Such gazebo most are portable, so they do not have under a rigid foundation.

    They are suitable, as a rule, only to rest in a dry summer weather. Stationary arbors are more reliable and durable. For the construction of flood foundation. These gazebos can be collected even from metal parts and used even in winter. Since most landlines gazebos and even make the closed-warmed.

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    Women have always differed from the men that have more sophisticated tastes with respect to items of clothing. However, it is not only in taste but also the desire to dress in accordance with the fashion trends of the season. If, before the Recent men expressed a desire rather weak, the women in any period of time have always tried to match the fashion. However, in order to conform to fashion, as a rule, requires sufficient funds that can afford it, unfortunately not all Russian women. And yet, women in Russia are the part of society, which has the greatest cultural component, including relative to adhere to fashion trends and translate vision into reality. True in recent times, most likely, in view of some outside influences or influences of modern arduous way of life, the female part society in Russia began to lose that feature Russian, with women in Russia have always differed from women in other countries. Now those of the fairer sex who have the financial opportunity simply copy the images taken from the pages of glamorous media, forfeiting all their own individuality. At these "dolls" are usually expensive sparkling clothes, but they remain in total darkness and Most importantly, do not notice the darkness, blinded by the light of the wealth.

    No matter how absurd it seemed to not claim that this woman's personality, close to the fashion trends of any season is based on inexpensive clothes, however, it is. There is no doubt stand out in a mass of people is always easier to apply to this exclusive high-priced models. But in this case, you can be one hundred percent sure that will not be considered woman, namely high-priced models, as well as doing it on the podium. Much nicer, more professional and if you want to do so much more difficult to stand out in a mass of people, using ordinary inexpensive clothing. And if this option fails, the woman can safely consider myself a rich woman. Rich in terms of culture and their own individuality, which is valued much more expensive than any financial resources.

    The most interesting thing is that that a woman dressed like this, becomes the object of attention. At the same time directly on the clothes few people pay attention. The whole effect is that properly selected and tastefully inexpensive clothes, completely in harmony with female appearance and body, creating the perfect fashionable look. And even the presence of a number of "dolls" are not able to destroy that image – the image of a simple Russian woman who knows how to dress in good taste. Source article

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    (This is a fundamental concept of basic mechanics, if the reader does not relate the driving phenomenon we are describing, I invite you to refer to the literature and video courses that suit you for the novice in mechanics). The high voltage generated in the secondary winding is applied directly to each spark plug. The way that happens is as follows: in one of the two spark plugs, the spark passes from the center electrode to the electrode side and the other the spark plug from the side electrode to the center electrode. Typically, the plugs that are recommended in this type of arrangement are platinum-tipped, the characteristics of high strength and ductility of this material. The voltage required for the spark discharge is determined by the calibration of the spark plug and compression pressure. If the calibration of the two spark electrode is equal, then the voltage is proportional to the required pressure inside the cylinder discharge to occur.

    The high vltaje generated is divided according to the pressure on the cylinders. The cylinder is in the compression stroke will require and consume more voltage discharge compared with the cylinder brother in the exhaust stroke. This is because an electric spark is conducted better in high-pressure environment, such as cylinder compression, compared with a low pressure environment, such as a cylinder on the exhaust stroke which is almost pressure air, then in the latter case the requirement to produce spark voltage is much lower. When compared against the distributor ignition systems, the total voltage required for electronic distributor-lit is about the same. The voltage drop resulting from the space between the rotor and the terminal within a distributor cap is replaced with the voltage drop in the cylinder that goes in the exhaust stroke in a Simultaneous System Ignition Distributor. Ignition System Direct (Direct Ignition System – DIS) DIS As they have evolved, there have been changes in the functioning and location of ignition module.

    With independent power DIS, there may be an ignition module for all cylinders or a unique module for each cylinder. It depends on the design, but the electrical conductivity is the same. In DIS there is a simultaneous burning module for all coils. The following illustration gives an overview of the different types used in various engines. The following uses a DIS ignition module for all coils. The SCE signal is disabled when the STE signal is activated. Are inconsistent. The coils in this system uses a high voltage diode for fast cutting of secondary circuits. If you suspect a faulty coil, exchange it with another coil of another cylinder. Simultaneous Switching DIS This system uses three signals to activate STE coils according to the sequence of firing order. When a coil is activated, the STE signal is disabled. I hope this information has been util. To read more, visit me. Beto Booster. "

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    That's really who never thinks anything that can be lovingly described as "jars and bottles of" superfluous. All can please a lady's birthday, March 8 or the New Year. It is important to properly compose a gift. To do this, choose a firm specializing in the most natural cosmetics (we also want to present a quality). After that, remember what flavors preferred recipient of (and if you do not know, then choose your favorite scent of her win-fruit). AND begin to choose the products! And here is immediately obvious how to extend the range of such funds. In addition to traditional foams and bath salts, there were exploding in the water beads and hearts, enveloping the body of a pleasant aroma. Gels shower, shower cream, yogurt …

    Yogurt? No, not edible, but for the body. Handmade soaps with tiny sprigs of natural herbs in cubes! Thus, the main thing – to stop. Select multiple products for a shower, bath skin care after a shower and go pack gift. By the way, here is another surprise waiting: such sets can be packaged not only in a nice box and gift wrap paper, but also add to the charming wicker basket, decorate with ribbons and beads and sealed in cellophane for easy transport. Well, you still think that this girl can find a set of trite gift for a holiday? These gift baskets for West is considered one of the most popular and sought after gifts. They are composed of products or devices for skin care, and there are individual or family.

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    Thailand coated with coconut palms, Samui island – the third largest in Thailand. There is only one in the country diving center for LGBT people. Rainbow club arranges diving trips to the quiet Gulf of Thailand around Koh Tao (also known as Turtle Island) and north – to the famous sail-rock. There you can see, as through a hole in the rock shoals swim plataksov (also called fish-bats) and giant groupers, but if lucky – and then as whale sharks feed on plankton. Gay-get-together on Koh Samui, certainly less violent than neighboring Phuket (about 40 minutes by plane).

    All entertainment for gay men on Samui are concentrated on the eastern around the coast of Chaweng Beach. This includes 5 wonderful gay bars and the elite men's spa. Curacao Curacao Island is the center of the Netherlands Antilles islands of the Caribbean. We have made this island on our list not only because of its interesting in terms of diving reefs and ruins, but as the only official site for gay tourism throughout the Caribbean. LGBT-friendly operator Ocean Encounters located on the southeast coast Curacao Underwater Park is just five minutes from the night gay club Willemstad's late. In the western part of the house is gay Kura Hulanda, in 100 feet of which is filled with fish reef. There are common excursions to fantastic beautiful scenery of hard corals Mushroom Forest.

    Look for private gay tour? Then you should contact the firm Alyson Adventures. It is on such gay-only tours, the company specializes. Great Barrier Reef is the Welcome to large underwater survey of the earth! Great Barrier Reef made even in the World Heritage List. The length of the reef up to 1400 miles along the Queensland coast of Australia. In a large barrier reef inhabited by 400 types of coral, Rare green turtles, giant clams, and 1,500 species of fish.

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    Are you looking for a car for your wedding or honeymoon? There are many car rental agencies. You can choose a class economical, compact, intermediate, standard, premium class and VIP class car. Rent car depends on several factors. The more expensive the car class, the higher the rent. Price also depends on the location of the wedding. The number of days for which you are renting a car.

    Yet the price depends on location For example if you live in an abandoned place. You can also rent a car with a driver and not, from this, too, will depend on the price of renting a car. It so happens that the car in one agency called VIP class car, another car company can be a class "standard." Sometimes a car rental for a week more economical than a couple of days, even if the car will stand parked near your home for several days. Make sure you specify the correct date when ordering a car. Ask the car rental agencies, included in the price of rental car insurance cost. Before choosing a car, inspect car, if you see something broken or atrophied, notify the person who gives you the service of renting a car. Pre-selecting the make of car and rental car class, you can enjoy the ride during the wedding.


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