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    E, the children of the field are not prepared to face a world in the city. These children if adjust to necessities of a exploring society, being prepared to serve to a capitalist system. Some movements fight for the Agrarian Reformation and organization in another way to live in the field with one politics directed to the reality of the agricultural population, the different cultural realities. When if it thinks the education of the field becomes essential to say that it is called to construct to first humanists in view of the emancipation human being. In this direction, the education of the field if differentiates of the formal education.

    In the education of the field all are citizens and constructors of the memory and history. They are social and cultural citizens. Already in the formal education the visible one is the reducionismo of alunos/as repeating, unbalanced disapproved the approved ones/, inexperienced/special/abnormal, beyond creating a great dualism between educador/a and educando/a. It has a great possibility of if opening a fan of transversal subjects in the education of the field that can and must be recouped in all the pertaining to school units and its respective communities, as for example: the hope, citizenship, justice, freedom, equality, sexuality, cooperation, diversity, land, work, identity Therefore, he is evidenced the specific, differentiated and alternative character of the education of the field. Therefore such conception of education if of as formation process human being, an education of quality that comes to value the reality of the field. The school of the field defends the interests, the politics, the culture and the economy of agriculture peasant. According to Fernandes (1999, P. 65) ' ' the education politics that is being implanted in Brazil, by means of the National Curricular Parameters, ignores necessity of the existence of a project for the school rural' '.

    But, what it comes being a point aggravation is the regulating factor of the quality of education seen from a determinista optics a geographic determinismo that legitimizes the existence of a conception of that the urban school is better, superior of what the agricultural school. politics that supports the agronegcio does not have no feeling for the human being. It is moved the money, lies, myths, etc. In the reality the education in the field cannot forget it accumulation experiences it people which is repassed from legends of the peoples. Unhappyly Brazil has shown to a great indifference in relation to the popular knowledge peasant, which has its origin in the partner-cultural matrices: afro, aboriginal and European, if worrying in a pedagogical line that respects these to know and do not approach to others. It is necessary that the pedagogical politics contributes in the guarantee of that to know was accumulated them imaginary to know where they affirm them as identity and as historical legacy. REFERENCES: The Text of Darli Casali

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    It is the opposing scene of the lived one until September of 2008, when a warm market allowed readjustments that compensated the depreciation of American currency – R$ 1,70 at the time. The crisis was a hard blow for the sales of the Starret, manufacturer of mountain ranges and instruments of measurement in the exterior. The exportations had withdrawn about 30% of January the May before equal period of 2008. On account of this and the weak performance also in the domestic market, the Starret reduced the hours of working for four days, with proportional cut of wage. After the consecutive falls of the dollar in the last weeks, the Piccadilly, manufacturer of feminine footwear with headquarters in Igrejinha (RS), it decided to hold the remittance of tables of prices for the deliverers in the Europe, Middle East and Asia. For the importers of the South America and Central office, that already had received the lists, the company alone can guarantee the maintenance of the values until July middle if the Real if not value much more.

    The Picadilly is making the accounts to know which the exchange platform that will demand the correction of dispatched tables already for the markets that absorb 60% of its exportations. Defined in April, when with the exchange R$ 2,29 for dollar arrived, the prices of the footwear of the collections spring-summer were more competitive of what the competitors. With the valuation of the exchange and the prices in fall, the yield of Brazilian exportations withdrew 4.4% in April and 13% in the gathered of the year, according to Foundation Center of Studies of the Foreign commerce (Funcex). The trend is an edge of profit still more pressed in the next months on account to the weakness of the dollar, that closed yesterday quoted R$ 1,9370, fall of 12% in relation to the April average.


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