• General 31.10.2012 Comments Off on Totalitarianism

    The official ideology of the totalitarian government finishes for causing the desmantelamento of the reasoning of the individual. This occurred more necessarily in the governments of Hitler and Stlin, having as foundation a strong party of univocal character and a fort I appeal to the wild militarism. Friedrich and Brzezinski, in its book ' ' Toalitarism, Dictartorship and Autocracy' ' of 1956, they define the totalitarianism of the following form: 1-) Official ideology for all. 2-) Only party, Been bureaucratic and hierarchic. 3-) A system of police terrorism, that apia and at the same time controls the party. 4-) Monopoly of the medias and ideology at the hands of the only party.

    The Totalitarianism is a very particular form of government, where the devices of State, as much in its ideological character how much repressive it is destined in molding all inside a society of a monopartisan system, having as craftsman a charismatic leader that makes of its will of the population, lined up to this with a fierce propaganda politics social destined to transform the subjetivismo of each individual into benefit of the State. In this ideological aspect, it is interesting to stand out the intense use of the ways of state propaganda, that usufructing of the censured press, intervenes with practically all the sectors of social convivncia, as clubs, practical esportivas, parties, radios, periodicals, posters. So that this occurred, the State looked for to define enemy for all the sides (Jewish in Nazism, Communists in the Italian Fascism, not conforming partisans in the Bolchevismo). The permanence of a hostility condition is an indispensable requirement so that the ideological machine of the dictator was placed in practical, with the intention of that thus had some legitimation for its barbarity. A primordial factor, that does not have to be of is to understand itself as the Totalitarianism was consolidated, was the historical condition in which it disclosed itself with a uncontrollable motor force.

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    The main purpose of all curricular intervention is ‘ ‘ to prepare the pupils to be active, critical citizens, solidary and democratic members of a solidary society democrtica’ ‘. (SANTOM 1995, p.159). The author (p.167) affirmed that the reflection on the different cultures of the races or etnias constituam mainly in a great gap in the Brazilian society and in the schools, where these cultures, at the rare moments I was remembered if they reduced to one day of full commemorations of ideologies and prejudiced esteretipos. Canem (2000, p.10), in society as in accordance with multicultural as Brazil, where the inaqualities and the racism reign, the production of research that question that they search alternatives of valuation of the cultural plurality, becomes if ‘ ‘ a vital necessity for the curricular and educational reflection, at the beginning of new milnio.’ ‘ To know to understand, to respect and to value, to recognize its contributions of the black culture in the culture of Brazil. What it intends with this law is to use the pertaining to school space to give to the black culture its due value. To thus promote in the educandos the collective responsibility and the capacity to participate and to understand of democratic form its community.

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    For example family nostalgia, dangerous affection, vivifying ecstasy and other sensaciones are demystified and undressed of their enchantment (to char to me) by the French charmer and declared anachronistic, outside time. Then according to one of his more burning thesis after 1000 years of patriarchal autoridad, one has in the last taken place 20 or 30 years in the western countries, a change that takes root in deepest. The man and the woman, are thanks to him, pushed to leave the spaces and rolls, dissociated (disociantes) and isolated (insulating) that traditionally were assigned them. The old principle of the complementarismo, from the diferenciacin of sexes is replaced, in a sweeping process of the civilizacin; by the principle of the equality. The opposed ones are diluted while the similarities enlarge; the other is not already plus continent plenty of mysteries, whose riddle the love laboriously conquered is only able to solve. It leaves the vertigo of the passion there.

    Then according to Madame Badinter is she the one that excludes the tests, the obstacles and the prohibitions. It cannot be separated of the infractions to the moral law and social Still in years 50 was effective such laws. They reflect for example films of that one time. The boring process of it conquers loving compuesto of traps and resistance it was the foundation. That one that then was young, shook silverplates in it and it was asked if those two of above were liked or no. The last scene was without a doubt hermosa, when accompanied well by music, was in the union of both cuerpos. This last one guaranteed the fusion of the hearts in one. Today, in the screen like in the reality, the things are faster. And one knows that not only in France. The parents of adolescent children habitually " " they do not dramatize, when his son has an intimate relation.

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    The four of coarse are one of the letters that produce to us to please when it leaves revealed in the distance of the tarot. It is this moment for seeing backwards, and to analyze gladly what until now we have obtained. Initially, we can say that it is an extremely positive letter, nevertheless, is necessary to remember that all the arcane ones have one double facet. And this letter is not other people’s to this reality. This naipe remembers to us that the success can be enjoyed by a time, but we cannot fall asleep in the laurels. It must be let grow, learn and never live. The energy of the coarse one is extremely special, as it is seen throughout letters of this wood.

    Generally, the energy of these arcane ones sends to a success in the material world, to a company that begin with the right foot, or a project that have a good foundation. The marriage and the childbirth often are predicted by the appearance of this naipe. The four of coarse are the letter that speaks to us of the reward for all those that they have worked to the maximum of his capacity. It is a letter become related with Justice, that arcane major, because it demonstrates that the hard work is compensated to end. Another point in which the four of coarse are related to Justice is in the necessity to put order to create. The chaos well nothing can come out and is precise that there is you rule clear to use enengias in which matters in fact. This letter says to us that it is necessary to reach a sensible life, and that such life exists and can be obtained. The four of coarse define the end of a cycle, and the beginning of one new one, as it maintains the deep symbolism to it of this illustration.

    Observing the letter we will be able to see a castle at heart, and to its inhabitants of celebration. He is lgico that is celebrated the concretion of the devised plans. Furthermore, in the enredadera that for of ceiling of the pergola formed by the four coarse ones, we have been able to observe the fruits, undisputed symbol of the life and the abundance. Briefly, the appearance in the distance of the tarot of the four of coarse is extremely favorable. However, also it notices to us that the arms are not due to lower, since the work has finished partly and only is much what it even is to do.


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