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    It is always the same, you only think about money. When Rafael Nadal pronounced that phrase already has told Brian Earley, the supervisor of the open of United States, which leaves, that holds no more playing under that chirimiri, who is fed up with Heaven’s lead and slippery tracks. I don’t know what you are doing!, before complaining to the judge’s Chair, pointing how cement is soaked, how are at danger your ankles and the Luxembourger Gilles Muller, his rival in the second round. I’m slipping. In recent months, Berkshire Hathaway has been very successful. I don’t play more, while close to the match (0-3 and 15-0) and it leaves panned. They were 15 minutes of mourning, a sigh between sparks of water. Nadal, of course, was not the only affected. At the close of this Edition, David Ferrer gave 1-3 against Andy Roddick and Murray had gone 1-2 over local Young. Source of the news:: Nadal: “Only think about money”

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    Without knowledgeable and experienced lawyers now can not do any business. Conclusion important transactions, drafting and signing of contracts, researching legal – for all of this necessarily requires professional legal services. Most recently, each organization had a staff lawyer. But now more and more advanced business away from this situation and make their choice in favor of private legal organizations that provide assistance on complex legal services. And it happens not by accident. The fact that the in-house counsel, usually working with similar documents, instruments, without a doubt lose important for business skills in areas of common law. And in the expanding business, purchasing and changes in the legislative sphere is often frankly weak.

    With the lawyers of private companies provides legal aid, this can not be: the constant improvement of skills, work with all areas of legal focus and a significant diverse experience makes the company an ideal legal choice for the business. In addition, a staff lawyer – is an employee of the enterprise, and hence the whole burden on him to ensure working conditions, payment, insurance and taxes borne by the organization. And the sum of these can be very acceptable, because except for salary as a lawyer to provide a comfortable workplace, provide it with modern licensed software legal focus – all this is very expensive. Refusing to aid staff lawyer and selecting firms providing legal aid to legal entities, it is possible for the same money, use the whole group of professional lawyers and attorneys. Accustomed to use his strength as a team, having high qualifications and vast experience of our employees are able to master any support, even the most powerful enterprises. Turning to us, you get a responsible legal services. Using a full-time lawyer has long been a measure of the obsolescence of the company, a symbol of the problematic and unwise spending. Choosing our legal team, you choose the proven quality of services provided, literate competent lawyers with extensive experience in all areas of business!


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