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    in time to the day appeared in time to the day of donation the 5.6.2010 we give organ donation in Lower Saxony, Germany the publication of the autobiography my child should live”of writers Hedwig and Claudia Kleineheismann known. The book tells the story of Hedwig Kleineheismanns daughter Claudia. As a child born, the doctors soon incurable heart and lung diseases diagnose. The only way transplant and at a time where the transplant medicine is in its infancy. Today, Claudia Kleineheismann is considered healthy and puts itself at the service of those who are on the way to a transplant or have one behind. The mental state of these patients must be allowed at no cost except for eight! “so, the summary of the author. Transplants can save today because more per life, if you will not forget two things: that one, there must be people who are willing to donate their organs and makes aware, meaning it ever again given life to get! “The author wants to encourage with her book – all the people have the such a move ahead of her, as also those who already have it behind him.” And their relatives. It tells of hopes and setbacks, of dreams and disappointments, but above all the fact that it always goes on. Britta Modler

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