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    Business leaders to prioritize between customer loyalty, customer relationship, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer enthusiasm or customer acquisition. Who has recognized that success and survival significantly based companies on customer loyalty, emotional attachment of customer and customer enthusiasm, like Anne Safak books. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Segra Stadium. For good reason, the expert in loyalty marketing ventures detour into the world of incentive systems with our support in her book “Customers on the run?”. Anne Schuller makes it clear: customers are more and more and more and more often on the run. Consumers going less and less in a travel agency, where she “always book”.

    You choose their travel, but also TV and electrical appliances on the Internet today, read other customers reviews and finally order the best provider. Corporate customers also have their home and farm suppliers less and less. The cards will be reshuffled with every order. Why? Because the suppliers with the new customer acquisition are so busy. that they are scrambling not sufficient, to maintain existing customer relationships. Customer loyalty through emotional customer enthusiasm customer binding instruments and rational Exchange barriers make it today to compel customers to be loyal. Real customer loyalty, so Anne Schuller, works differently: on the emotional level and with all my heart. The author puts his finger in the wounds that we us hit with “Kundenloyalitats killers” itself: interchangeability, price actionism, emotional cold, changing contact persons within the company.

    The author cleans up with conventional methods, we support our customers look at and analyze. Here already the perspective is wrong: what counts is what thinks the customer by us, not vice versa. Set incentives for customer orientation “Incentives control behavior,” writes Anne Schuller. Who designed variable remuneration and other incentive systems, should carefully consider in what direction he would like to draw the employee’s behavior. Towards attracting new customers? Or Customer care? Customer connection? Customer loyalty? Customer enthusiasm? The fish, clearly starts at the head to smell good. With variable compensation management makes it clear where she want to control the company. Gunther Wolf controls add examples from his experience. In Anne Safak book, he shows how to use incentives properly. No customer loyalty without employee loyalty if you want loyal and emotionally connected clients must also staff commitment and employee loyalty deal with. Employees without loyalty to the company, in which burns a fire of enthusiasm for the products and services, will not even ignite a flame of solidarity among customers. Gunther Wolf stressed: the manner in which the introduction of the incentive system is of crucial importance. Concerns of the employee belongs and be sufficiently taken into account? Are the stakeholders involved? The variable remuneration system has met with sufficient acceptance? Target optimization as a guarantor for acceptance and loyalty, Anne Schuller puts an emphasis on the procedure of the target optimization. Its benefits for customer and employee loyalty describes it in detail on page 172 Gunther Wolf, who developed the target optimization, comes at length to Word. See the excerpt from the book by Anne Schuller about incentive systems, if you follow the given link. If there is reader loyalty, so has the author in us since this book not only loyal and enthusiastic customers. Links:-book review: customers on the run? (Excerpt) io-business.de/medien-presse-media-relations/pressespiegel/managementbuch/dp/328005382X – contact Gunther Wolf: experten.io-business.

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