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    DPWK award the German students of the HTW Berlin on May 20, 2009 at the Berlin Friedrich city Palace on May 20, 2009 at the Berlin Friedrich city Palace for the ninth time for business communication (DPWK). The so-called day of business communication”starts with a symposium on the topic of reputation management” and culminates in the evening Awards Gala with charm, show and fun. The award ceremony in the glamorous surroundings of the friedrichstadtpalast Berlin once again offers a potpourri of show acts, moderation and the charm of the student presenters. Approximately 800 guests from business, politics, science and media will be invited and together are looking forward to this year’s winners of the DPWK. Val Dunphy understands that this is vital information. A subsequent buffet gives new power to make sound to the evening in either in the dialog in a relaxed lounge atmosphere or on the dance floor. They day of business communication “Related Symposium is in the morning this year under the banner of the reputation management”.

    Against the backdrop of the global economic crisis of confidence and financial system, it is becoming increasingly important, sustainably increasing enterprise value to stakeholders and opinion leaders and maintain. But how to build up a good corporate image? To answer this question, economic experts, business representatives and the academic talent from all over Germany in the Friedrichstadt Palast come together and share their expertise and experience intense. .

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