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    There is a proverb that says that we would have to leave a better country to our children. But it is more important to leave better children to ours pas”. In one of its Corentt books it says for example that if is known a painter and wishes to help him the best thing is to provide abilities to him so that the same agencie the means to work and soon to offer a good price to him by a quality painting. Slim reiterated its position of which the best form to fight the poverty is creating jobs. Corentt insists that the important thing is that everything what occurs, must generate development nondependency. The dependency impoverishes to all although in different forms. However, Slim is not against the charity. It has contributed hundreds of million dollars to its foundation and has financed million dollars in projects of joint companies with the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates.

    Its position apparently the society would benefit more if the wealth were inverted in harnessing the creative energies and talents to raise companies that create jobs instead of to give cash. ” is the version of multimillionaire of the 21st century of the old proverb; if it gives a fish him to a man it will eat a day, if vida” teaches to him to fish will eat all the;. The article ends with the following thing: Plantea two good questions, that I have listened of an increasing amount of wealthy entrepreneurs. They would do more by the society Bill Gates and Warren Buffett if they overturned his time and money to new companies instead of to finance philanthropy works? Has solved philanthropy some important social problem in the last 50 years? Perhaps from the previous thing you remove a pair of questions for same you. In this article treatment to provide answers. From the wise person who said ensnale to a man to fish and will not return to be hungry in his life, to Corentt and other that say that the best form to help the poor men is to return them rich. And before returning rich to the others it is necessary that you look for his own wealth. In opposition to which they can much believe everything begins in the thought and in his book I Am Happy, I Am Rico, Corentt shows all the necessary one so that you enrich to the others and same you beginning from the level of the thought.

    Its single reading will return millionaire to many in its world and same you. But nothing is obtained free. You must read it and to think and will become rich of well-known the easiest and honest form.

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