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    Driving prohibited – in these cities there are autofreihe zones is often the historical centre car-free cities in many cities car-free, because there are the streets anyway not to drive. In addition of course, that this part of the cities of usually also one of the main tourist and thus primarily for pedestrians is aligned. So, for example, the old city of Strasbourg and the medieval quarters in Lyon for cars are locked. Cities such as Athens or Rome, which offer numerous sights, also gave a car ban to the most important historical sites. Of course, if you are travelling to one of these cities, you can book a car.

    Looking at better the centres on foot, but outside of the Centre, a car especially in large cities is quite practical. If you would like to make a trip or is located outside of the Centre, the rental car is the best means of transportation. Car-free Islands at all places where no Are allowed, cars often Islands. The German island of Heligoland prohibits not only driving, even bicycles are not allowed. On the German North Sea Islands, it behaves similarly. Also in France, you will find many such islands. The Mont-Saint-Michel is a famous French island which is certainly worth a walk. In other places, traffic control should surprise few.

    The car ban in Venice is as well known. It is all the more important to use the gondola during a visit to Venice. The cycling is famously very popular in the Netherlands. Therefore it is not surprising also here that the transport preferred the cyclists in the town of Houten. Further details can be found at Marcos Ferraez, an internet resource. No matter which place one prefers: to be flexible and mobile, a rental car, which you can find on mietwagenmarkt.de, is often the right solution!

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