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    Successful premiere of the audiobook ‘ Sammy and Floris’ round 15,000 visitors at the Bavaria dog 2010 showed himself excited CLAIRE FISHER most German women known by the pharmacies developed in 1982 by it cosmetics, came as a sponsor the animal table Germany e.V. Additional information is available at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 2009 on the idea to write the story about Sammy & Floris’ and their authors fees to the to donate animal Board Germany e.V., the needy and particularly Hartz IV recipients helps to provide their pets with food and Veterinary assistance. Gunther Kaufmann, known as the villain “The terrible Sven” from the film “Wickie and the strong men” tells the stories in the Audiobook of poodle Floris and street dog Sammy. “Exciting and beautiful stories for young and old alike”, said merchant, who it perceives as a point of honour to be able to do something for the animal table. Michaela Kohler, the head of the animal table output Centre Munich, was very happy with the crowds at the booth for the two prominent guests were. And also, that the Author royalties of Claire Fisher on the animal Board goes. “We are very pleased that Claire Fisher has written the book and set to music with Gunther Kaufmann, to collect donations for us. This is something very special for us”, said Kohler. The 5 new stories + bonus track offer audiobook fun over two hours! The double CD + E-book + slideshow with illustrations by Manuel Nordus 1.8 2010 the ensemble Publisher as a CD and as a download out provided. All photos

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