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    The impressive collection is rounded off with many flowery stories of ritual procedures and all sorts of unsavory diseases, the one the visitors of the museum like all wordy, full-length brings. Oddly enough, the old operating theatre is located with its finely sorted collection of Devil tools under the umbrella of an old church. Right next to it that is Garret a collection of herbs, magic potions and elixirs from all over the world by their enjoyment, you hoped for since ages all sorts of salutary effects herb. The fan Museum it is subjects that mean the world according to the cultural importance and scope of the Interior is the most important place the fan Museum right after Buckingham Palace. The Museum houses a collection of fans of all ages.

    Not infrequently, connoisseurs of the scene taken here at lofty explanations about the cultural significance of this indispensable fashion utensils. “It is really surprising that not because the Museum began in a time where the correct management of a fan was still an integral part of the good behavior of each young lady.” There are hundreds, extremely costly specimens to examine. Every single step in the manufacturing of partitions will be documented in detail. While the idea of one arises, that the owners are apparently somewhat upset about that gone are the days in which the production of subjects from ivory and tortoise shell still belonged to the de rigueur. Completely out of nowhere you will find also a vitrine, is to see a shirt of the British woman swarm Colin Firth from the version of pride and prejudice in 1995. Classes clash Club Polo is a sport of the upper class in the ham Polo, but the ham Polo Club is the place where the high society and the common people for this reason come together. Shorefront has much to offer in this field. So very close to each other you not squats then but better yet.

    In the Pavilion for the members, the ladies with the wide-brimmed hats and beside them sit the horse experts in standardized outfit. Opposite on the lawn, you can see the mortals with picnic baskets and blankets to sit on the lawn. Few last certainly know what is exactly on the playing field so that. Polo is already a complicated mixture location as the game itself. Without the right flair comes to quickly behind. Two teams riding on the game field and try to sink a ball into the opposing goal with their wooden rackets. Polo is also a game with a confusing variety of handicaps. Each player receives a rating. But the teams are formed but from players with all possible reviews. So, it can happen that a world class player plays along with a teenage boy who accidentally is the son of an Arab Prince, which, in turn, has considered the whole event as a sponsor with a generous donation. The big and beautiful in the orbit of the common people go alone at half-time. Then, everyone is invited, the grass on the pitch flattened him. In all these wacky places to enjoy a really weird afternoon in the company of all sorts of British horrors.

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