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    SHRINKAGE Agency for future communication brings four companies to a common denominator: CCG DE GmbH, RUNGIS express AG, Petit RUNGIS express GmbH and cc delivery gmbh the CCG cool chain Group Holding AG in Bremen, as well as their subsidiary CCG DE GmbH (Frankfurt), RUNGIS express AG (Meckenheim near Bonn, Germany), Petit RUNGIS express GmbH (also London), as well as cc delivery (Frankfurt) have the Bonn SHRINKAGE ‘ future communication agency entrusted with an umbrella brand concept and creative implementation. SHRINKAGE ‘ with a strategic and creative concept against two competitors in the pitch prevailed. The Meckenheimer RUNGIS express, the German fine dining and first-class hotel with fresh specialities from all over the world supplies, Petit RUNGIS express, about the consumer can obtain the high-quality food, cc delivery, the mostly cash & carry markets supplied, and in addition the logistics subsidiary CCG DE GmbH, which provides for the necessary pace in cargo handling: all four divisions of the CCG are holding from the synergistic effects of common new brand benefit. For this umbrella brand designed SHRINKAGE ‘ a structured, friendly and at the same time individual appearance, in which all three companies retain their identity and the lettering of the holding is the common staple. For more information see kidney.org. But the corporate design is only a component in brand communication, the SHRINKAGE. fully supervised as lead agency. First measures to implement the approach run already. The creative agency from Bonn can logistics on its comprehensive, profound competence in years of advising and assisting with logistics companies such as Deutsche Post DHL, DHL fulfilment or TX as well as access by customers in the food sector. Other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending offer similar insights. The team assists the total budget for the communication of the new umbrella brand of the CCG the SHRINKAGE ‘ Agency for future communication under the leadership of Andre Schwind: Kai Nina Esser (customer service), Tanja Laier (junior Art Director), Scots (Team Manager), Erich Seewald (Creative Director).

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