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    In Germany and Austria, the online printing with TV campaign Neustadt on the Aisch going online shop diedruckerei.de with his new and third advertising spot promotes cube”in German and Austrian national television broadcast. The multi-week TV-flight is accompanied by a high-reach display campaign on the Internet. With our funny, cheeky advertising we would show the viewers how easy it is to order good printed materials online”, describes Walter Meyer, Managing Director of onlineprinters GmbH, the intention of the spots. The advertising message printed materials online order”aimed at online shoppers, who would themselves select stationery, flyers, business cards, postcards, posters and much comfortable, good and cheap and order. For more information see this site: PCRM. About our multi channel marketing, we achieve independent, creative, agencies and all potential decision makers who appreciate the benefits of the online purchase of printed matter about diedruckerei.de.

    Online shoppers expect a lot from their shop: quality,. Safety, service and good prices. The online printing of combines high quality of printed materials for the lowest prices and certified security when purchasing online. We are a multiple certified online shop. That is why we have included also the famous seal of approval by trusted shops and by TuV SuD in the closing credits of the spots”, explains Walter Meyer. Boy Scouts of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

    TV advertising spots diedruckerei.de successful and awarded the current commercial was produced together with the young film company of Danuska3 from Berlin. Tenor of 30-seconds-story via the online shop diedruckerei.de: there have been times, as the production of printed matter was time consuming and tedious. Those days are gone. Today, printed materials can be ordered online: fast, easy, and comfortably at diedruckerei.de. Onlineprinters GmbH is a young and innovative company in the E-Commerce and we are confident that we will reach the online buyers with this modern computer animated commercial”, so Meyer. With Danuska3, the successful 3-D cinema-spot has already been early 2011 “” Each color a direct hit! “produced in 3-D the movie Thor” ran.

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