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    In countries that have achieved some successes in road safety, involve social required consciousness consciously to Civil society jointly with other stakeholders important to achieve and implement effective strategic plans. In the Dominican Republic operate hundreds of non-governmental organizations, some of which have an impact on national life in a decisive manner. Check with HAAS to learn more. It is worth mentioning on this occasion, those who perform humanitarian work and health; In addition, other that influence political chores and tomas decision-making for design and implementation of public policies. An organization non-governmental (NGO) is any non-profit group of citizen volunteers, which is organized at the local, national or international level. With task-oriented and directed by people with a common interest, NGOs perform a variety of services and humanitarian functions, carry the problems of citizens to Governments, monitor policies and encourage the participation of the community. They provide analysis and expertise, they serve as early warning mechanisms and assist in the monitoring and implementation of international agreements.

    Some are organized on specific topics, such as human rights, the environment or health. (Definition given by the United Nations). In the framework of the definition given by the United Nations of the NGOs, these represent an important plank in the development and promotion of road safety in several countries. Helping to strengthen political will and collaborating in the creation of social awareness of the issue at hand. Somehow, it works as a liaison between the society and the State, because it picks up the problems of citizens and refers such problems to the Government demanding solutions, integrating and bringing in multiple moments, proposals generated experiences and analysis.

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