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    There are ways out of the stress case? The economic psychologist Prof. Rainer Wieland, expert for resource management, explored scientifically, what should reveal also the common sense: a well-designed recovery time at the workplace increases the concentration and performance. Wieland has found in a study of the University of Wuppertal that the possibility to retreat into a room equipped with chairs, in which relaxation music staff can listen to, also increase the motivation. This also applies to the executives. It’s not determine individual stressors you can prevent stress and break down completely to avoid. Promotional stress situations in the workplace must be accepted. The leadership should speak openly about the phenomenon. Often, it helps already when the Bank employees can report about its stressful situations.

    This open communication, manages the Executive receives information about what situations a Staff as stress feels. However: The only true making stress management method does not exist. An effective target and time management helps in tackling stress though, as well as a delegation system, which clearly regulates the acquisition of tasks. And to organize all of this lies in the power of the Executive. But the concrete measures that assist an employee in response to stress, are always subject to his personality. Therefore it is not enough that the leadership has a repertoire of stress coping methods: you must assess, what type of stress there is a staff and how he responds to stress. Then it can take individual measures.

    Stress type analyze the stress research has developed various types of stress, and about distinguishes between A – and B-type. The A-type tends to high performance pursuit, perfectionism, as well as strong goal orientation and feels, if he have to do much. He feels even highest professional tension as positive Eustress. The B-type, however, tends to avoid stressful situations. Will support a staff leadership in coping with stress, she must know he tends to what type.

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