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    Who owns no decoder and also not create, should make sure that the TV has a decoder. Connections of the television offers many possibilities that go beyond the pure basic function of television. Therefore, the number of connections is to operate of external devices to the important criterion. Awesome Games Done Quick Online often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Starting from the number and the type of devices to be connected the TV should have connections enough SCART. Video recorder, DVD player or burner, satellite receiver and also game console are connected to them. Read additional details here: Prevent Cancer Foundation. Two video inputs would be useful.

    An S-video input for connecting a video camera and the guarantee for best image quality. Take the simple video input for connecting a digital camera with a TV-out. Thus, the slideshow directly from your camera will be again. Audio input and outputs allow the recording of the sound from the video camera or the output of the TV sound to the surround sound system. Who wants to watch TV without disturbing others should pay attention to a headphone output. Specifically the LCD TV may be offered for connecting to a PC and should should therefore have a DVI port. Images and video can be transferred in purely digital and therefore without loss of quality. The introduction of HDTV, so high-definition television, this interface however will be required, to show the new TV format at all.

    Because via SCART you can not transmitted HDTV signals. The reason: HDTV signals will use a copy protection can mistake the SCART connections cannot handle. Who intends to connect many devices to the TV, be sure next to the number on the location of the connections so that the cabling does not become the arduous task.

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