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    If you've "maxed out your available credit, this could indicate that it is excessive and will not be financially able to make their payments on time or pay your debts in full. This category also examines how many of their accounts and balances of the amount of money you've paid. Closing of accounts with zero balances do not generally improve your score in this area. The key to a higher score: Keep balances low on credit card. Duration "N DE established a provision (15 percent) The longer you have had accounts with the highest score in this area. The age of your oldest account and the average age of all your accounts are used to determine your score. The accounts that have been used are also considered. The key to a higher score: Establish good credit and keep accounts active.

    The new credit applications (10 percent) Opening multiple credit accounts within a short period of time represents a greater risk of over-indebtedness. Others who may share this opinion include Nancy Lublin. Every time you apply for credit is a Research your credit history and these questions appear in your credit report. A large number of applications for credit will lower your score. Some requests are not considered in your score. These include: requests by you for your credit report, inquiries from companies for pre-approved offers or companies that do business with you, along with inquiries from prospective employers. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nancy Lublin. Some requests for credit are treated as a single inquiry, especially when you are shopping for the best type of loan. The key to a higher score: Only apply for and open new credit accounts when you need them. YOUR CREDIT MIX (10 percent) This category examines the types of credit accounts you have and how many of each.

    Can a person have too many accounts? Yes and no. It really depends on if you have a credit history or no credit history at all. The key to higher scores: accounts open credit only if you intend to use. Do not despair if you have a low score or are just beginning to establish credit. Your credit score will change for better or worse depending on how well they understand and use these five keys to their advantage in planning their financial future.

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