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    The health fund is by decision of the Federal Government! Then, the contribution to the statutory health insurance (GKV) is uniformly 15, 5prozent for each insured person from January 1, 2009. PHS Sottrum – Wednesday October 7, 2008 – the Federal Government’s decision of the Health Fund comes through! Then, the contribution to the statutory health insurance (GKV) is 15.5% for each insured person uniformly from 1 January 2009. levant resource throughout. Because the health insurance right now in speculating that still finances are insufficient, the insured can adjust in the medium term to benefit cuts. Here, every consumer can counteract and significantly reduce its surcharge cost to his own advantage. The Executive Board of the flair-dent GmbH recommends to exploit so the existing insurance coverage and to apply for scheduled or necessary dentures for free. “Here you don’t have to have luck or member of a good” health insurance be, to get to enjoy of a cheap dental treatment. Daily we advise many people and offer “them the prosthesis to the zero tariff.” says the Managing Director Matthias finches. How do I get the prosthesis free of charge? This is done by examining the dentist’s Office, created at the request of the patients, a cost estimate with dentures by flair-dent. So learns everyone interested in before start of treatment whether he achieved the additional freedom and you don’t take chances. To get detailed information 04264-837780. Henning Luers in the Internet at or personally by phone number.

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