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    Mortgage lending in the country, including in , gradually began to gain momentum. But many citizens have hitherto vague idea of the mechanisms of acquisition in real estate mortgages, and therefore as an option improve their living conditions it is not considered. In general, nothing – nothing terrible is not here, otherwise there would be a mortgage so common solution of housing problems in the world. But there is here and its subtleties. At present, day mortgage transactions in the new buildings are more of a single character. This is due to the fact that the mortgage market is in its infancy.

    Many technical issues between the parties in the transaction is not fully resolved. Typically, buyers interested in the cost of apartments in order to know at what amount they expect, that the first step – to determine what amount of loan needed. Then, the buyer must be accredited as a bank borrower of money and get a positive decision of the bank for a loan. Before the bank told you 'yes' to engage in a transaction, especially given the deposit to the seller does not make sense: it is the most common error. For accreditation will take at least a week. But after receiving a positive decision – to be found suitable for you, this will help you to realtors 'Mediacom – Real Estate'. Chosen property will be verified by the bank, which will take at least another week. And only then can we talk about signing a contract of sale.

    Before signing a buyer makes a down payment, then the signed agreement sales recorded in the Federal Registration Service (by law – within 5 days). The buyer becomes the owner but the property, which is important, is pledged to the bank, after which the bank transfers necessary funds to the seller at his bank account. Get ready to incur additional costs. You will need to insure your life (if, God forbid, the borrower will lose its ability to work or die – to put out mortgage will be the insurance company). Also insurance is subject to himself the property. Pick a property that is under guarantee, the bank can only be if the borrower is healthy and able to work, but is the worst defaulters. Then the bank may terminate the agreement to sell the apartment at the auction, to regain the loan amount and interest ascended, and the remaining amount to pay the seller. precedents to Fortunately, it was not.

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