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    For example, among them are the pontiffs, and leaders of other religious organizations. Several Presidents, American, Mexican, and other countries, owners of influential media, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Helu among others, counted with the leaders of organized crime and drug cartels, as chapo Guzman the narco alms, is not something new, much less their links between organizations secret and discreet!.!Through social struggle during all these years, the pretensions of the secret societies have been deactivated or countered in part, however the stretches and loosens it has been hard for men and women who are fighting for a better world, and why say it? Violence overwhelmed in recent days, also are due to the shock is interest among the main secret sects that govern underground, as the black Pope behind Josep Ratzinger. Some economically powerful secret organizations of the world mentioned in order of seniority, are so-called, Masons or Freemasons its foundation around 1692 (adC). Santa Vehme, the Jesuits, founded by Ignacio de Loyola around 1534, the Illuminati (illuminatus) founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. the Ku Klux Klan founded in 1865. Circle black the secret group that governs Mexico through the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) since its antecedent the PNR. The anvil was founded in 1953 by Ramon silver Moreno, founded in 1954 by Joseph Rettinger Bilderberg club considered the Vatican agent, club who attributed the abduction of Diego Fernandez de Ceballos allegedly by interests of the new world order, is doubt leave with life, group that owns the central banks of West, financial, industrialists, bankers, politicians, leaders of multinational corporations, Presidents of the Republic, Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Secretaries of State, representatives of the World Bankthe WTO and the IMF, executives from the media, military leaders, Priory of Sion, founded in 1956 by Pierre Plantard etc. Club of Rome subsidiary of Bilderberg club founded in 1968 that belongs Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, and others of lesser influence.

    Now is understood because the President illegitimate Felipe Calderon Hinojosa was anointed with fraud, why your anxiety to privatize PEMEX, why wants a single police, why protects Genaro Garcia Luna and Luis Cardenas Palomino, etc. etc. Strategies of secret societies, have come to ends unsuspected, to the degree that they are able to cause wars, finance weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear bombs, and plants of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP (high frequency active aurora research program) as the installed by Governments Americans Jicamarca Peru and other parts of the world, with interconnected system of antennas that generate aurorae boreales (artificial) of high frequencythese northern lights are ultra low frequency waves that affect the ionosphere and by effect of rebound impact against the Earth by altering the climate, and may be capable of generating disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis, if desired, as the tsunami happened in Indonesia in 2005 attributed to provoke this plant of United States. Are capable of spreading disease as they did it with syphilis, AIDS and influenza a/H1N1, also caused the spill in the Gulf of Mexico and are by unifying the currency amero disappearing to the dollar with tremendous financial crisis, want to unify the police single control for your new world order and put the obligatorily mark the chip that has 666 Satan, to influence and dominate humanity how it describes the Sacred Scriptures in the book of revelation, this just to mention some cases. Now I understand why there is so much evil. truth will always manifest!!

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