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    It removes of the fire. It adds the disarranged cheese of soy and the ovosbatidos ones. It joins the too much ingredients. It puts in a redondauntada glass crosspiece and bakes in hot oven per the one 40 45 minutes. BEEFBURGER OF Thin CARROT 3 carrots in thin the thick one, to add 2 eggs., 1xcara of liquid milk, i xcara of wheat, 1 package of ralado cheese, salt, ralada onion, 2 teeth of garlic. To move well leaving as one mingau. To fry ascolheradas done beefburger. LENTIL BEEFBURGER Ingredients: 4 xcaras of cozida lentil eescorrida, 1 xcara of chestnut-do-Par, 2 spoons (soup) of wheat flour, 3 eggs, smell-green, oil to fry and salt.

    Way to make: Pass the lentil and the pelamquina chestnut to grind or food processor. It mixes excessively ingredientesagregando them well. It forms beefburgers and it fries in hot oil. If to prefer, has taken aoforno after cold, covered with gravy of tomatoe and mussarela ralada, to paragratinar. SOY FLOUR CAKE Ingredients: 2 margarina soup spoons, 1xcara of sugar, 2 separate eggs, 1 and 1/2 xcaras of flour of wheat, 1xcara of soy flour, 1 1/2 xcaras of soy milk, 1 soup spoon defermento in dust and scrapes of 1 lemon or 1 spoon of chocolate.

    Way to make: It has beaten the margarina with the sugar. Junteas egg yolks, beating well. It places, alternatingly, the flours mixed ofermento and milk, always beating. To read more click here: Nancy Lublin. It places the scrap of lemon or the chocolate. Finally, clear in snow, involving lightly. Hot oven for 30minutos. NUTRITIONAL CAKE WITH STAPLE FIBRES Ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 1/2 xcara of honey, 1/2 xcara to deacar mascavo, 1 spoon (soup) of margarina, 1 xcara of milk, 1 1/2 xcarade flour of integral wheat, 1/2 xcara of rye flour, 1/2 xcara defibra of wheat, 1/2 xcara of wheat embryo, 1 spoon (tea) of desdio bicarbonate, 1 clear one in snow, grapes raisins, perforated plum-black color.

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