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    Cremer Oleo presents ‘Cremerpharm 995’ a Glycerin plant based on renewable raw materials has the product Cremerpharm 995 Hamburg Cremer group “developed, as extremely fine plant material the scale of the company representing, making the entire worldwide production in compliance with strict German and European environmental regulations and quality control. So oleo affiliates such as the bio oil works in Magdeburg, obtained in the network with strategic Cremer, 995 in several production steps Cremerpharm. Glycerin is used as natural components of oils and fats in diverse applications including as a raw material for the production of medicines such as gel capsules or cough syrup. “Cremerpharm 995 corresponds to continuously all the requirements of the EU to the good manufacturing practice” (GMP) for active pharmaceutical ingredients in accordance with the EU GMP guideline part II “for APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients). Cremer oleo product manager Maik Glasel again puts it in a nutshell: A Review by an independent inspection company revealed: the traceability of the raw material to the finished product Cremerpharm 995 in the sense of a complete quality control is ensured. We can exclude completely cross-contamination or interference environment.” In addition the high quality Glycerin types in the Cremer oleo work used Prignitzer chemistry in Wittenberge for making of special high-quality MCT oil (so-called Mittelkettige triglycerides) for use in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics. We of course also respond to current developments”, so Gangadharan next. Our ECOCERT certified organic shall an industry-accepted basis for high-quality care products in the special segment for sustainable cosmetic Glycerin.” With a commitment as at Cremerpharm 995, producing natural resources, such as already at a wide range of other products (about the Cremer care product range for the succeed of Northern Group of companies Cosmetics industry) to ensure consistently vegetable basis. And so the topic establishing sustainability in this market on a broad basis.

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