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    Beyond the theater of shades, existetambm the theater of pole sculptured in wood and known as wayang golek. In Japan, one has the bonecosa news to leave of century VIII, through Buddhist texts. Source: The Coca Cola Foundation. One knows that it Kugutsu was bonecochamava. In century XI, the doll was on cerimniasxintostas and until today it is an alive tradition in its temples, mainly nostemplos dedicated the Oshira.Em the tradition of the cult to the god Oshira, the priest, or a believer, recites mantrase counts to histories while insurance in its hands two dolls. These dolls norepresentavam deuses, as in the Christian images, but they were possessed pelosseus espritos, that could be good or bad.

    (AMARAL, 1996, p.90) They were used also in the dances, ondebonecos improvised dialogues. A tradition that still is remained. In Japan, comona China and in Java, the theater of dolls is on to the religion, but also diverso. In the Ocidente, the doll if caracterizapor to represent the man in its terrena reality, its social relations and nassituaes. of certain still forms a relation with the holy ghost, but esteapresentado for the fancy, the grotesco, or to the times even for the monstrous one, pelono-rational. Its evolution happens parallel the evolution of the masks. Only that noteatro of dolls, mainly the popular one, if added the dialogue, oconflito. Its history this on to the comic actors of the popular theater Greek eromano.

    With the decline of the civilization gregae the ascension of the Christianity, we see to appear the religious dramas. As religious example oteatro of the Average Age, however without msticas characteristics of teatrode shades eastern. With the dolls, religious dramas were represented common delicious popular flavor, where if they made the first Biblical dramas. The religion took account of the arts eeram subjects of painters, sculptors and artists in general that they sculptured erepresentavam religious images, such successors of these workmanships had been vindoformas with movements passing to be livened up, wants for wire systems ouvaretas, and was called decrees mobile.

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