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    Increasingly wide variety of organizations have resorted to outsourcing. That is to ensure that some of the responsibilities within the company performs is not specifically designated personnel, and specialized companies. For the most part to such service resort in the area of accounting services and maintenance of computers, various office equipment. Why do so many leading companies in their areas have resorted to outsourcing? Because the cost of it outsourcing much cheaper than in personnel. By paying a small subscription fee to specialized firms, companies get a huge staff for personnel who do not require any additional costs can quickly solve a variety of tasks and also works very quickly, always in touch, even on holidays and weekends. Another advantage, which carries a subscription service computer and office equipment, is that organizations providing such services as it outsourcing, in addition to operating an emergency disaster recovery and failures of complex equipment, periodically carry out preventive work. That eventually ensures the stability of the company and eliminates the cost of expensive repairs computers and equipment.

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