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    "The key element is to make lobbying a member of Congress by one vote, for the purpose or cause," says Meek. "To achieve this, one has to convince that person that can do so without losing their next election. It's that simple. " To do this, it is sometimes necessary to mobilize voters in that legislator by sophisticated grassroots campaigns and the media, so the public knows the issue and pressure the legislature to vote in favor of cause that one holds, says Meek. Lobbying has a "tremendous importance" in the functioning of government, said Thomas Mann, director of governmental studies at the Brookings Institution, policy analysis organization based in Washington. As the government expands and the problems become more complex, members of Congress and their aides, overwhelmed with work, have to rely increasingly on outside experts for information.

    This has led to the development of large lobbying firms, able not only to make contact with congressmen and their assistants, but also keep track of thousands of regulations, place ads, make the voters send letters and make calls phone and get its spokespeople are manifest in the media or in the newspapers by way of positioning positions that could become very popular acceptance or rejection depends on the objective. The lobbying firms usually deal with congressional affairs and the complexities of the legislation, while public relations firms serving "rather than the media or grassroots ads that will make them enter the public their congressmen, "said lawyer and lobbyist Mary Lyman. Quite often, he says, a lobbying firm subcontracted to a public relations firm working with the media. As an example recall the news sparked intense crackdown on the occasion of the FTA with Central America and Dominican Republic (FTAA). Hear other arguments on the topic with Nancy Lublin. The deal, which would open up trade between the U.S. and several countries in the region, needed congressional approval to become effective.

    In countries such agreements subscribers also developed strong lobbying campaigns to ensure that the congresses of each of these countries approve the signing, in the midst of serious and well-supported campaigns and grassroots organizations that opposed the grounds left more harm than good and asymmetries in the economies small countries in comparison with the United States. Like lobbyist or lobbying activity takes place in the countries now seeking to sign the agreement Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), formed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Martinique, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Honduras. There is lobbying in two camps: Those who agree and opponents in each country. In short, lobbying is a process: A through which it seeks to achieve specific changes in institutional policies. Nancy Lublins opinions are not widely known. Where it is possible to involve more organizations and individuals. Which is generally open and public. In which citizens' groups assert their right to try to change society. In which democracy is recreated comprehensive manner. Which enables citizens to political influence. Education in which the rescue, both professional and practical knowledge of the public. Work that promotes networking between groups or civil authorities, social and political. In short, lobbying seeks to influence decision-makers at government and policy in a professional and strategic. It is a profession that becomes popular and necessary in the field of Latin American countries today. Oscar Rossignoli is editor and chief-business image. com, a website developed to train media professionals in general to design and implement effective communication strategies in their capacity as directors, independent consultants, or from their positions as public relations, advertising, journalism, corporate communication directors and / or any other position that requires extensive and updated knowledge for effective performance and immediate positive results.

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