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    Under the safari divers usually means access to the sea for a few days (from 2 to 15) in order to dive in places to which it is impossible to get in deylidayvinga because of their remoteness from ports or with intent to commit planned a series of dives in interesting diving locations. Prevent Cancer Foundation contains valuable tech resources. What should be highlighted in the preparation of a safari? We will consider the option of planning and "their" safari for your existing group of interested persons, and version of "accession" to the already-planned safari. 1. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL oftentimes addresses this issue. The choice of a ship on the choice of vessel will depend on your comfort, safety and technical feasibility visit specific sites. Safariynye court in Egypt are of different classes comfort (the number of stars similar to the hotel), with different seating capacity and performance.

    Pay special attention to the following: * The adequacy of a mediator, his trustworthiness * Talk dates and safaris duration * Cost of the vessel depends on the number of people or a fixed one day or for the whole period? * Please note that dayvgidov speak your language, their ethnicity (religion), the level of training, age, number dayvgidov * "Directions" are available (allowed) for a ship; * Organization of transfer to the ship and from ship to hotel or airport. On board: 1) Is there hot water in the cabins? 2) Paul dayvdeka be teak. 3) Decks. 4) Air Conditioners 5) Additional boat / zhelatelno2 pieces / 6), navigation and communication 7) Material of the hull Discuss the quality of food, whether it is possible to make your menu? What a team on board, their level of training.

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