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    The best clinics in Germany How to find a German clinic. Invaluable assistance and may have clinic Freiburg. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, almost all hospitals to treat patients equally high medical level. Despite this, some hospitals are allocated to provide tertiary care for individual diseases. Based on many years of work in leading hospitals in Germany, we have developed a directory of clinics Germany, where you can pick up a clinic and a professor was on the profile of your illness, whether it's a clinic in Hamburg, Nuremberg and Dresden Duyusburge. According to almost all German medicine, we can help you with choosing specialist who has extensive experience in a particular specialty. If you have any questions to one of the doctors chosen clinic, you can simply send us a request on the organization of medical treatment in Germany. This application will be immediately transferred to our staff and forwarded to the doctor.

    Or simply call us. We will arrange treatment in any of these clinics. Frankfurt clinic will be glad to give you treatment at the high level. Our support does not increase the price of your stay is not on the ruble. You will receive a bill for the diagnosis of the hospital itself, where you get treatment. In this case we will design your documentation, including initial translation, the negotiations with the clinic in Germany, utryaskoy formalities etc.

    We also organize and clinic in Munich, you can only send us your request. It is important to know when choosing a clinic for treatment in Germany: in this country there is the concept of 'Peripheral' – the best clinics in Germany are not necessarily in Hamburg, often in small university towns, usually in the south of Germany – it is there in search of higher income tend to arranged the best experts. crucial the right choice not only of the medical center, but also a specialist in your disease. the majority of disease treatment in Germany is at the same high standard in all hospitals. rare and extremely difficult to treat nazologii better in university centers, which are in Germany no less than forty. often occurring disease often have better health care in regional hospitals than in university centers. in Germany the cost of outpatient care is much lower than the stationary one. The main podrazdileniem prodvizhenieya modern medicine can be called the prevention of disease, but when pathology has already developed, you want to help the best professors who know the most best practices. Current problems in modern cardiology to identify treatment of atherosclerosis, introduction of modern medicine to cure it, the diagnostic possibilities of studying changes in heart rhythm, especially the dynamics of arterial hypotension in patients with concomitant zabolivaemostyu. The right way diagnose heart disease, even the most careful professional can only after a detailed examination. Drawing up a regular system of therapy can improve the effectiveness of measures taken to get rid of disease.

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