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    Intercultural communication in the hospital in Gottingen, November 25, 2009: a multicultural society has developed in Germany by immigration and migration. The communication between people from different cultures is not always easy. In the hospital when it comes to existential questions sometimes life and death – are these barriers significantly to days. When a patient from a different culture speaks german, doesn’t mean, that the success of communication is guaranteed. Very often it is underestimated how important are religious and cultural influences. Learn more about this with The Coca Cola Foundation.

    Practical examples show that even patients who can communicate linguistically, but not understood. Such as different cultural perceptions of roles are cause (doctor patient). “A special position of power is spoken by many patients to the doctor, and therefore glosses” to him at the business things to say which would be important. “Also the Turkish patient, diffuse through abdominal pain” complain, perhaps a quite another problem, that she but don’t like to call versus a male doctor. Problematic fields are also physical contact, food and diet, as well as the degree of family integration of the patient, which goes hand in hand with increased visitor numbers such as. In the hospital, a communication is extremely important, but today almost impossible without intercultural competence.

    Hospitals respond to these training requirements with regard to intercultural opening and start with the training of personnel. IKUD seminars offers as of March 2010 the training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in the health sector “. This training enables employees of hospitals and doctor’s offices to plan their own intercultural awareness training and perform. This in-house measures can be offered economically, that contribute to improving intercultural communication in everyday work. Training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in the healthcare sector “will start on March 16, 2010 and runs over 3 months. For more information see:.. / intercultural competence…

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