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    December will be without a doubt, the most anticipated month and at the same time last month with the emotions more all were found in some way we hope our great gift, our own truce, some try to accomplish in a month what could not in a year and very few just want to share and give to others is a month where most let us catch by commercial whirlpoolthat each year you are seizing more days of November and this seems to brighten up the greater part of the human species and stop paying attention to the true spirit of Christmas: love, solidarity, humility, peace, brotherhood, freedom, inclusion and everything is reduced to a greater amount of gifts and lights you can buy is the ideal month where credit cards reign on Earth, at the expense of the nightmares that will cause the payments of January will be that we lost the light that leads us to the Manger of Bethlehem? December is the month where our mails are flooded so much propaganda, the best dinner and end of year party of the strategies, tips and other recommendations for change our lives without hardly lifting a finger will be possible that? Us inexorably goes East 2009, come to an end, the margin that some want to stop him and many want and finish it, it is obvious that it was a very difficult year, the great global crisis we wrapped all this great global

    Mc Luhan village, once more felt that devastating blow paradoxically caused by a handful of bad investors, faithful believers or usurers of this fearsome liberal economy again proved to be lethal and evil to mankind. I wonder if they learned the lesson of those claiming to have control of this small big world? It was also a year of unnecessary war, Middle East remains at the foot of the Canyon and everybody watching their deaths and attacks transmitted by television, without that almost anyone saying this is my voice of protest and so we celebrate Christmas and good night indeed that war is big business,!! bigger than the business of Christmas in my country also played floor in terms of pollution and aggression marked record waste more than 20 native and 12 police death, have deepened the historical wounds that we have and all for a lousy handling of the Government, in terms of position of the Earth and the ignorance of this deep Peru.. .

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