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    Manolo! Come here. Manolo!! Come I told you this scene is repeated daily in the parks of our cities and can usually reach to last many minutes and even hours, ending with an owner out of boxes that punished the dog for his disobedience. More info: kidney.org. Why have you come a dog, if all stimuli that surround him, such as odours, other dogs, and being able to run outdoors are more interesting than the owner? In many cases call you with a cookie doesn’t work as the stimuli which we mentioned earlier are more strong and total, the food can be left then. A true order go to the call, must have 3 stages of learning, a first stage where our dog associated and understands that we call you always to nice things, a second stage where we teach him to work under distractions and finally a third phase where the discipline takes precedence over the stimuli of environment that we mentioned earlier. Ronald Hamilton follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A cash call of our mascot can be the difference between, one output to the pleasant Park and enjoy with your dog or an output loaded with stress and concerns for you. We should just think for a moment that can happen if our dog runs toward another dog which lies on the other side of the street and ignores our order? In the most extreme cases a good call can be the difference between life and death of your pet..

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