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    Muddy streets, puddles, or rapid slopes in the forest, the Jeep pedal go-karts by BERG Toys create effortlessly impassable track. his issue. Ede, February 2013. The officially licensed Jeep -Gokarts not only look like the originals, but are also like their role models for exciting adventure in the outdoors. You wait to take extended exploration in the area with their young owners. Hit the slopes with the new Jeep adventure pedal go-kart that new Jeep is adventure pedal go-karts by BERG Toys a lightweight and compact vehicle, with the adventurous Jeep rider especially maneuverable on heavily passable routes are. Through the patented hub of BFR can flow both before – be driven backwards, and all without much effort. A trailer hitch for the mountain trailer junior among the standard equipment as the spare tyre. Thanks to the terrain tyres, even rough slopes become child’s play. Swarmed by offers, Arthur Keiser is currently assessing future choices.

    The Jeep adventure is for children aged from four to twelve Suitable years and costs 349,-euro. More fun and speed – the Jeep Wrangler BF-3 pedal go-kart also new is the Jeep Wrangler BF-3 pedal go-kart: also especially heavy track with the convenient three speed gearbox can be easily overcome. The roll bar make more robust and more secure the pedal go-kart adventurers from the age of five can safely explore the grounds. The Jeep Wrangler BF-3 pedal go-kart 849,-euros and is available for 649,-euros without gears. For the smallest explorers of the Jeep junior pedal go-kart the little brother of the Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep junior, is the vehicle for the youngest rider at the age of three to eight years. Obstacles to curves the car easily and grows thanks to the adjustable steering wheel and bucket seat he over the years with his driver. With its cool colors and the original-Jeep design the bolide is striking everywhere and the rough off-road tyres provide the proper traction.

    The Jeep junior Pedal go-kart: 259,-euros. Like all pedal go-karts by BERG Toys, models is also the Jeep subject to strict safety requirements and are checked in the hotel’s own mountain toys testing laboratory and by independent test institutes regularly on their safety. For more information and get an overview about all outdoor toys toys retailers under or in person at one of 600 mountain nearby. About BERG Toys BERG Toys designing Dutch company, produces and sells outdoor toys such as pedal-powered go-karts, trampolines and other playground equipment. Flagship of the range is the world-famous blue red pedal go-kart. Company founder Henk van den BERG made his first pedal go-kart at the age of fifteen years and is the global market leader for pedal go-karts with BERG Toys now. The company can look back on a good 28 year-old history and is today active with over 3,000 dealers in more than 56 countries. The innovative products with its cool-rugged look manufactured mostly in the mountain toys factory in the Netherlands in compliance with strict environmental and quality standards. BERG Toys aims to provide as many children unclouded joy of playing with sustainably produced material.

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