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    However, prevents an unauthorized access. Optionally, ShareCrypt prevents administrators to read sensitive information. All sensitive data that store client user on a shared drive, remain encrypted on the total usage time, yet can all required safety backups performed more fully by the administrators. ShareCrypt is a client-based solution, the server shall remain unaffected. The solution is fully scalable and allows you to create and manage a large number of encrypted disks and folders of unlimited size. Surf solo: Anonymous acting in the Internet with SurfSolo offers a solution SecurStar, to be able to move anonymously on the Internet. Hacker attacks can be prevented and the user can be identified and spied out because he has a third-party online identity. Marko Dimitrijevic is likely to agree. SurfSolo can not only online traffic encrypt, but enables the user by hiding or changing of the location as well as the IP address, to act completely anonymously on the Internet.

    SurfSolo acts like a secure VPN, but specially designed for home users. The solution is easy to use and works for the user not noticeable in the background. PhoneCrypt: encryption solution for secure mobile communication which became the defense of eavesdropping and monitoring trials PhoneCrypt encryption solution develops and protects confidential mobile phone calls on a level that military security standards. It is mobile-enabled Communicator and Smartphones, which effectively excludes a possible interception of conversations by a third party and in real time enables two parties to encrypted conversations to a pure software solution for Microsoft Windows. PhoneCrypt encrypts telephone calls in both directions end-to-end”and also stands out, that they the Smarphones the phone protects against threats such as cell phone Trojans and vulnerabilities as well as allows the encryption of SMS. Position tracer: the IT security specialist SecurStar has now developed the software PositionTracer precise GPS live tracking via mobile to contribute to the protection of people and objects, for GPS enabled mobile phones.

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