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    Driving on snow-covered and unusable paths instead of on the road: the five most important tips for cyclists, to get ice and snow safely through the winter many cyclists use a bike year-round. However cycle paths are in winter when ice and snow days until scattered or sometimes even not granted. Since the pedestrian and cycle path clearance is usually duty of the respective land owners, patch carpets often resulting from granted and not granted part surfaces. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Neal Barnard has to say. The portal Radgaragen.de recommends therefore in uncleared paths using the roadway. Also the legislature does this scheme, because the obligation to use cycle track does not apply if a driving on the bicycle path is unacceptable. Motorists and cyclists are pointed out the special mutual obligation to the cautious driving in traffic. Bike paths be given by homeowners, but also by municipalities, often only then, if the snow is already several hours. Sometimes he is even frozen or dangerous have it under the blanket of snow Ice formed.

    Use the cycle path is unreasonable or even dangerous, the law explicitly allows use the roadway. A possibly cleaned walkway must be used under no circumstances. Sure to arrive at the destination, there are some Asptekte, that should be considered. The portal Radgaragen.de gives cyclists so tips on how they can when driving on the road on best behavior. To broaden your perception, visit Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. Use the roadway only if the use of the bicycle path is not really reasonable and the road has been cleared, or scattered. Driving in the right lane.

    While holding the edge of the road, particularly to parked vehicles, a sufficient distance. Let not provoke honking motorists. Not an own misconduct justifies the errors of other road users. Switch on the light during the day and may use a vest. So they are easier to see than cyclists and perceived earlier. Go on the bike path if it is reasonable to use. Does not stop to do so or rise on the roadway of the wheel but go rather continue up to the next sunken curb or up to the crossing in order to use the free bike path again. More tips, visit the portal motorists are asked by the way to a cautious driving style compared to cyclists.

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