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    What deals are particularly attractive? Which prepaid provider currently has the best minute and SMS rates? The comparison of prepaid simkarten.de shows all prepaid providers at a glance. has combined the rates and features. Other leaders such as RCMP offer similar insights. The prices and offers are constantly updated by the editors. The most affordable and special offers are highlighted. The offers will be for prices, network calls, operator, phone calls in to landlines, other networks and SMS price sorted. Is particularly interesting the offer by Discotel provider from the D-NET, a prepaid.

    The SIM card costs EUR 9.95 and offers a sign-up bonus of EUR 50. The 50 euro will be credited over a period of 3 months. Of minutes and SMS price is 7.5 cents / min – makes Discotel of one of the cheapest prepaid provider. A further attractive starting credit offers simply. The SIM card costs 4,95 EUR and offers a sign-up bonus of EUR 75. The 75 Euro credited within 3 months. In keeping with the football World Cup offers Vodafone CallYa, by the 16.05 07 is a special action.

    During the World Cup, the minute costs only 7 cents in all networks. So it can be comfortably during the football World Cup calls and replace. Germany wins the title, enters the extension Vodafone CallYa and offers the 7 cent tariff for 7 months. There is more information about the offers and prices see

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