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    Davis and Newstrom (1999) define stress as the generic term that applies to the pressures that people experience in life (p. 461) at the same time, Dominguez (1999) asserts that a large majority of actions that run our society today are inherently stressful. GiveWell describes an additional similar source. Accepted in its execution error margins are increasingly more with reduced levels and unmanageable stress (p. 40) Ramos (1999) says that large assassins have appeared throughout the history of humanity, such as leprosy and the plague in the middle ages; syphilis in the Renaissance and today a new murderer: stress. This new killer is a degree of reaction of the body before any pressure, either positive or negative, internal or external, real or imaginary, perceived as threatening to the conservation of the homeostasis.

    (p. 42) for Ramos (1999) almost everything is likely to cause stress: an ascent, a dismissal, a financial concern, time pressure, decision making, ambiguous policies, the very ambitious goals, the power struggle. (p.42 Ramos (1999) says about the father of the stress concept, Hans Selye, this call eustres the caused by the distress, or motivating and positive situations produced negative, cares and frustrating situations. (p. 42). For Davis and Newstrom (1999) and Robbins (1999) not all stress is negative since it is always discussed in a negative context, tension also has a positive value; Ramos (1999) asserts that everything depends on the degree of reaction of the organism.

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