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    To save money. At this moment, it is the main objectivo of the majority of the Portuguese. Many already were desabituados to have that to make this, but the time I credit of it there easy already goes and new (or old and forgotten) habits have that to be retaken. All speak of the crisis and the importance to save for the black future that if discloses but I still think that few assimilaramverdadeiramente the importance to modify many of the habits created throughout these years. For ‘ ‘ sobreviver’ ‘ to the next future we have that in to readjust in the society, to make new accounts what we earn and what we spend. With all the measures that the government has taken, the common citizen has that to balance its budget again, at this moment the side of the incomes ruiu remarkably and the side of the expenditures goes to go up still more. Who will not have understanding of this new reality and not to bring up to date its budget, not it will very delay to fall in bankruptcy therefore is necessary to launch the alert one. It is not enough to follow one or another tip of saving of that more they circuitam for there.

    As the government it has made with the accounts of the country, could be essential to effect great cuts in its style of life. The best form to make this, is to define its expenditures and its incomes. Thus it will only be able to have approach notion of what he will be forcible to cut. Thus it prevents that its future can be compromised prematurely by planning lack, and also prevents that it is to cut in small things that nor represent a significant part of its budget, without necessity compromising its quality of future life and its happiness. Having a definite budget and considering that it has left of it the saving is destined, is a beginning for a way more tranquilo of its life.

    For times what it is difficult is to start I appeal therefore it consumista very continues to be great in the society, but after acquired, the habit of the saving becomes spontaneous and automatic. If already it read very on topical more not yet it interiorizou that it is in the hour to change its habits of consumption, I think that it will not be able to postpone more. The day certain to start was yesterday, or anteontem, qui.

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