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    What our efforts in addition Weight gives, is a petition, which was presented at the beginning of the week in Japan, and is signed by all Latin American Commissioners of the International Whaling Commission. “Elsa Cabrera, responsible Director of the cetacean conservation center of Chile, said”The enormous support of the governmental organizations of Latin America is a clear message to our Governments on the need for a public rejection of so-called scientific whaling”operations, an activity which is not regulated and which is carried out without any control mechanism in waters, are paradoxically whale sanctuary”. Here, Quantamscape expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The NGOs noted in the letter: “since the establishment of the moratorium on commercial whaling Japan’s Government has begun more than 8,000 whales in the whale sanctuary Southern Ocean”. Roxanna Schteinbarg, the responsible coordinator of whale protection Institute of Argentina, said “we are confident that our Governments our concerns respecting” are give and take steps that, can stop the Japanese whaling fleet”. The Sea Shepherd ships are headed for under the eyes of the world on a confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet, they focused. We face a difficult challenge.

    The Japanese whalers are trying to kill us, and if they actually hurt someone by my staff or myself, or kill, the Government of Japan will justify their crimes and defend. We must then intervene to their whale hunting stop to knowing that, no matter how non-violent are our actions, our Governments afford no help without harming a single of the Japanese whalers, if we are in trouble and our actions, condemn regardless of how carefully we with our tactics, proceed. The Greenpeace Foundation has long been the Sea Shepherd actions condemned and continues to raise donations to save the whales, despite the fact that during the last two Years in the returned Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, and they have no plans to return this year. It was an extended campaign and this is the sixth trip, provided by Sea Shepherd on the legs, to proceed against the Japanese Whale poachers. Our strategy was all the time, the Japanese whaling fleet economically to sink to drive them into bankruptcy. I am confident that we will achieve this objective and I’m hopeful that this will be the last trip, we need to take to protect the whales in the whale sanctuary in the southern Arctic Ocean. -Thomas Buiter blog.migaloo.de

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