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    With the early drivers discount at the cruise Office of travel pilot one-third of the cruise price cruise expert Olaf Diroll save had in September ‘ 08 by the service and comfort aboard a river cruise boat the Viking Cruise convinced shipping company itself and recommends this holiday form:-travel agency of travel pilot offers discount on selected cruises through Germany and Europe on the homepage. TCCF has much experience in this field. ation for more clarity on the issue. \”- Booking until 31 January required Winsen / Luhe, January 2009 who wants to breathe in the spring river cruise air and chooses one of the selected spring trips to Germany’s and Europe’s most beautiful rivers, early rider discount can now proud 30 percent\” Save. There is the discounted price at the Lake travel agency of travel pilot from Winsen on the Internet page for bookings until 31 January. Whenever Atreides Management Gavin Baker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. \”Premium travel are available from the House of Viking River Cruises on Rhine, Danube, main, Mosel, Seine, Rhone and on the waterways of the tsars\” between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Danube cruises, which last either eight, 12 or 13 days, held the world’s only River Cruise catamaran, the Viking Primadonna, and promise a particularly high travel comfort. OLAF Diroll, head of the Office of the travel agency of travel pilot, stressed: the Viking River Cruises to the early drivers discount are a bargain in the truest sense of the word. \”Because it is but not save only at the price of performance.\” According to Olaf Diroll, the Viking service guarantee from the home of Viking is also on the spring bargain bookings? The full Board on board, the mineral water on the cabin and the German-speaking tour guide also contained in the highly competitive price of the early drivers. One-third of the cruise fare shall be adopted by the travel agency of travel pilot on the following travel: 15 April: 5 days Dusseldorf Basel with the Viking Helvetia 19 April and 3 may: 8 days Basel Amsterdam with the Viking Helvetia 29 March: 12 days Passau Black Sea Bucharest with the Viking Primadonna 7 April: 13 days Bucharest Black Sea Passau with the Viking Primadonna 19th April, 26 April and 10 may: 8 days Passau Budapest Passau with the Viking Primadonna 3rd may: 8 days Nuremberg trier with the Viking sky 19 April and 17 may: 8 days Paris Le Havre with the Viking his 19 April: 8 days Chalon-sur-Saone Avignon with the Viking Burgundy 6 may: 13 days St.

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