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    There is currently a great stir around the different techniques, legitimate and from each other, that can be used to ensure that a site is at the top of Google or Yahoo! In this article we explain what it is, how it is achieved and why organic positioning is the most reliable method to achieve the objectives of a company’s positioning. What is organic positioning? Organic or natural positioning is the one in which the aspects inherent to a Web site work to achieve a better place in the main Internet search engines search results. Do not use spaces payments that offer search engines in its different versions, nor goes spurious techniques, commonly referred to as spam that attempt to deceive search engines to achieve a better result. What is organic positioning? Using organic positioning identifies the method that seeks to improve the overall quality of a Web site in terms of their content, design and programming. This quality improvement is achieved by working each of these aspects, mainly the contents. Learn more at: Lee Pitts. With content we refer to texts which are within a page, because search engines primarily index this type of elements, beyond the images or programming code that a Web site can contain. This is because, when a user enters a search term, for example Google, this site will search within their databases those websites that match the term entered by the user and will show in the first place those sites where there is one greater according to a mathematical algorithm concordance.

    Can other positioning methods be used? Currently there are two other methods for positioning a website generically: payment methods of Spam payment positioning positioning is a method similar to the advertising and totally legitimate. It consists in the purchase of advertising space within a browser. In that space is It places a link, along with a brief description of our site, in exchange for a particular payment monthly, semi-annual or annual. Each search engine provides different methods for this type of advertising. For example Google used its AdWords service, while Yahoo! offers links sponsored by which cobra from a series of keywords.

    The method generically known as spam is a series of techniques whose objective is to deceive search engines in relation to the content of a particular site and in this way achieve first position in the search results for certain keywords. This method is not recommended for several reasons, the main is that you can be penalized for it and disappear entirely seekers that aims to deceive. It is important to then be sure not to use any of these techniques: creation of sites with content and false links abuse of exchange links concealment of texts through the use of CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) files are why it is advisable to use the? techniques of organic positioning? Organically position a site has the following benefits: complies with the recommendations and criteria requested by the main search engines. Using valid techniques avoid the risk of damaging the image or positioning of a company. It has positive even in the long term effects because it is independent of updates that make search engines to fight against illegitimate positioning techniques. It has positive effects on the experience of the user with the Web site since it improves their quality. The relevance of the traffic from search engines towards the site is much higher since technical logics are used to construct the positioning.

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