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    A boutique hotel provides hosting services and custom installations, exclusivity and customer service far superior to the big hotel chains can offer. The term hotel boutique was first used in the U.S. and I do popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom where began to be used to describe small and cozy hotels, luxury, typically with a theme specific. This type of hotels also are called design hotels and the early examples of this type of hotels with style appeared in large cosmopolitan cities like New York and London. Typically, the boutique hotels are created according to a style specific architectural design. Each hotel offers its guests a unique theme of decoration, style and architecture is reflected in every element of its facilities. Another usual feature of boutique hotels is that they are typically much smaller than the large chains of hotels.

    I.e., a boutique hotel features usually with between five and 50 rooms and frequently guests can choose between staying in rooms, bungalows or small and cosy villages. Frequent customers of the boutique hotels prefer staying in them due to their high degree of customization in the treatment, the luxury of its facilities and that atmosphere intimate that provides a cosy and relaxing experience. In addition, the boutique hotels also have rooms and fully equipped with technological facilities that provide an environment of world class comfort. As guest of a boutique hotel you will have at your fingertips high speed Wi-Fi internet services, air conditioner in room, served bar and entertainment cable services. A great advantage which enjoy the boutique hotels is that since they do not belong to large multinational hotel chains, they have the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of a niche market that can meet with a high degree of customization. Most boutique hotels offer luxury as unique body treatments and Spa services Healing sessions are like what reiki or exercises of yoga, as well as having professional massage and facial services. An important element that separates the multinational hotel chains boutique hotels is that although both may offer special services, luxury and personalized attention, boutique hotels have the ability to conform to the personal needs of their customers. The level and the quality of the service offered by a hotel boutique in Mexico, for example, is well above the traditional hotels; Here you gozaras of personalized in professional hands and an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. In summary, a boutique hotel offers you to spend your vacation surrounded by luxury and comfort, enjoy the best gastronomy and atmosphere intimate and cozy for your relaxation in which you gozaras of nature in peace and you will live a unique experience.


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